1. I tried to get in but the line was too long. I waited to to EJ and family come in to cheer them on. It pissed me off that he had an orange jacket. It didn’t say illinois but is was orange. AArrrg!

  2. I was at Yogi’s when EJ came in. He didn’t seem to happy to be there, probably was due to the large crowd and line. It surprised me that he was wearing an orange jacket, which appeared to be on inside-out. But it didn’t appear to be illiniois orange, probably just a coincidence.

  3. Who cares what colors he wore…

    Gordon to IU is a lock.
    But he might not announce until actual signing day.

    You heard it here first.

  4. “It surprised me that he was wearing an orange jacket, which appeared to be on inside-out.”

    “why was it inside-out?”

    because it had a chief symbol and the letters I-L-L-I-N-I on the other side. did’nt want to create a riot at yogi’s 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t call it a lock. He has been to Bloomington too many times , I would be concerned, because somebody picked that lock

  6. All I have to say is dont believe everything you hear from Mark Tupper and Loren Tate. They are Bruce Weber shills.

    I’m sure Weber told Tate that Gordon was an Illinois lock.

    Just like Weber told Mark Tupper that Sherron Collins was a silent Illinois verbal.

    The thing with these Illini beat guys is that they have to protect Weber at all costs, so they come up with stories about these recruits saying their locks for Illinois. Then if the recruits choose a different place, the blame goes to the recruit for “lying” or “cheating”, rather than simply stating that Bruce Weber was beaten for a recruit (which has happened numerous times).

  7. It was an Illinois jacket turned inside-out. I couldn’t see the lettering or a chief logo, but the I in a circle (nike logo?) was visible in the bottom corner. I saw him on my way out, and I was p’oed to see this. Personally, I think it’s pretty classless to do that, even if he turned it inside-out to avoid the publicity. Of course, he might’ve just been wearing that jacket because it was raining and didn’t want to get wet. Guess I shouldn’t judge without knowing full well. But it definately was an Illinois jacket, and I’m feeling pretty sick right now.

  8. It was an Illini jacket. EJ wanted to be in Champaign with 4 NBA’ers per a friend of the family who posted on the IB last night. HIs mom made him go to see the IU football game. He wore the jacket to make a statement I am sure….

  9. I was at Yogis today.

    To be honest, the kid looked totally bored. The crowd was really great to him, but really no reaction. He looked like he really wanted to not be there.

    Ive been hopefull, but after today I dont have a good feeling. The orange jacket…the listless reaction to all of us great hoosier fans….its not good… 🙁

  10. It was definitely a UI jacket turned inside out. I can’t believe he would do that to Sampson and the Indiana faithful. I have wanted to get EJ even before Sampson got here, but if EJ is going to pull this kind of crap, Illinois can have him.

    I have felt good about him up until today also, but wearing the UI jacket to meet Sampson was just classless, and basically a middle finger to all of the Indiana fans.

  11. I dont think it was a UI jacket.

    I also dont think its right to call him out on it. If you are calling him out on it, you are calling him and his family liars.

    Thats not rite.

  12. Can any of you apparent buffoons who were actually at Yogi’s tell the difference between 6’7″ Brandon McGee and 6’3″ Eric Gordon?

    According to a sightings on another board, McGee wore the “inside-out” orange jacket and Gordon wore a grey hooded sweatshirt. Stands to reason that if you identified the wrong recruit, you may well have identified the wrong “bored” recruit.

    Recruiting buzz may have hit a new low for both the IU and UI programs with all of these 19 year old undergrad and dial-up hillbilly postings.

  13. I was there and it was defiantly a UI jacket….clear as day Mike….where you there and did you see it or what…

  14. A friend of mine went to Bloomington to see what was going on at Yogi’s and said that EJ wore a grey hooded jacket. I hope he stays there and rots, he dosn’t deserve to wear the Orange of UI. Let hin go to the Losiers and rot and play in the WNBA.

  15. I dont know what kinda jacket it was but it definately was NOT a UI jacket.

    The kid wouldnt toy with us like that.

  16. You are all retarded. McGee was wearing the jacket. This is ridiculous you can’t tellt he difference between the two.

  17. Hey EJ if you go to IU you can have a stellar NBA career just like I did. Why would you want to be like Dee, Deron, or Luther, those guys will never be any good. Come to think about why didn’t I go to UI , maybe then I could of made it in the NBA!!!!

  18. Stevie got a NCAA championsip, those three never did. And what have they done in the NBA, nothing. All three of them combinded won’t have near the NBA career if Isaih Thomas. Oh yea, he won an NCAA title at IU too! Nothing any UI player has ever done!

  19. You UI people have lost all sense of reality. IU has won 5 national championships, 3rd all-time. UI has won zero, nadda, zilch national championships, last osf all-time. UI has won as many championships as BB powers ILL-Chicago, Northwestern, Southern Northern Eastern Western ILL, Praire View, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho etc. Very impressive UI. Speak when you win something!

  20. Was there even color television when IU won the last championship? Not a single current recruit was even born when they won it last time, so why would they even care? All they have seen is a bunch of needy fans in the State of Indiana worshipping a psycho coach who couldn’t get out of the first round of the tournament. The tournament has changed since then and you can’t bully referees into letting you win.

    Great tradition you have there, throwing chairs, choking players, kicking sons, hiring coaches who were proven to be cheaters when they headed up ethics committees, attempting to get young men to break their word while upsetting all of the Big Ten coaches, etc.

    Great bottom of the barrel program you have there. You can have your old moth eaten banners. I hope they keep you warm and fuzzy inside as you are watching bark grow.

  21. These Illini fans have short memories. The Illini have a very long history of CHEATING and being on prbation!! They have been on probation for basketball and football. They have the 2nd most Major violations in the Big Ten. IU has ZERO!!

  22. I was there and it was definitely McGee wearing the orange jacket turned inside out. Wish it wasn’t true, but EJ was wearing the grey hooded sweatshirt everyone is talking about.

    The suspense is killing me.

  23. ej, think about your future son, those boys and i do mean boys at indiana will be on probation in 6 months, fact !!! illinois is a class program on the rise, indiana is full of kinks..

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