Gordon family to visit Bloomington….

Tuesday’s Herald-Times includes a story about Eric Gordon’s plans to visit Bloomington this weekend along with his family.

Also in the story Eric Gordon Sr. talks about how the recruiting saga has effected his son and discusses his role in helping him come to a final decision.

We’ll post more here tomorrow morning.


  1. Glenn,

    Honestly, I have no feeling on it right now. I think when Eric Gordon is ready to make the decision, he’ll let us all know.

    Wish I could be more helpful.


  2. Isn’t it obvious that the Gordons love the Hoosiers and the campus. They spend more time on campus than some of the students. Sorry Illini. fans.

  3. Whatever the Gordons decide, it needs to be in their best interest. Would love to have EJ play for IU, but if he decides to play for UI hope all Hoosiers will support his decision. The same goes for UI fans if he decides to keep to his home state. Either way, I’m very optimistic about Kelvin Sampson and IU basketball. Go HOOSIERS!!!

  4. I really think Eric wants to go to IU. I know alot of North Central students go to IU and Im sure he wanted to go there all along, but Weber was a much better choice of coaches over Mike Davis.

    When that changed, Im sure Eric feelings changed as well. He just happens to be such a highly ranked recruit it is being made very hard for him to change his mind.

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