Gordon and McGee visiting

Eric Gordon and Brandon McGee are both expected to visit Indiana University this weekend. Gordon and McGee and their families are scheduled to eat at Yogi’s Grill and Bar around 2 p.m. Saturday with the Hoosier basketball team and its coaches, a source close to the situation said, before attending IU’s 3:30 football game at Memorial Stadium.

McGee, a 6-foot-7 forward from Chicago, was the first player in the class of 2007 to give Kelvin Sampson a verbal commitment.


  1. Why is it good for Sampson to put forth recruits that are not even top 100 players with EJ – this is not exactly impressive re the level of talent.

    And PLEASE stop printing this stuff – this seems to be close to yet another NCAA violation for Coach Sampson. Why is everything bordering on illegal at our beloved school since he came?

  2. Hoosierfanatic,

    First of all, I hope you don’t put more credence in the rankings of national recruiting sites then you do the ability of actual college coaches to scout talent. Sampson and his staff must believe McGee is a top talent or they wouldn’t have recruited him.

    Secondly, how is this a violation? Yogi’s is considered an on-campus establishement, meaning Sampson is allowed to meet recruits there.


  3. Chris, its obvious Hoosierfanatic is not a Indiana fan, but a Bob Knight fan that is living in the past. No matter what Sampson does its either going to be unethical or not good enough.

  4. who cares… the big point is hoosier fans should FLOOD yogi’s in school colors and cheer gordon on the entire time. pull out all the stops.

  5. By the way, Brandon McGee is a top 100 player and is very good friends with Eric Gordon. Please do us all a favor and know the facts before you speak, it helps your credibility to say the least..

    Its a good sign that EJ is coming to IU instead of being at the U of I with its former stars today….Its very telling if you ask me……

    As for Jamarcus Ellis, I dont know if he will be there but one thing is for sure the kid will be a superstar at IU, no doubt………

    Bleeding Hoosier Red in upstate ny

  6. The danger in posting a recruit’s agenda prior to his arrival is that you might have people asking for his autograph, wanting their picture taken with him, promising him titles if he shows up, etc.

    All of that might seem innocent, but the NCAA doesn’t see it that way. When a kid is on campus for a visit you have to basically try to help him soak up the atmosphere with as little fan interaction as possible.

    Kentucky had to self report violations for kids posting things on a recruit’s myspace page, so some drunk coed flashing EJ or a frat boy inviting him to party at his house later would certainly be seen as a big no-no.

  7. Sampson has a history of playing loose with the NCAA rules. I was surprised IU hired him because of this history. We can win without cheating. It will be terrible if we end up in trouble because of Sampson. I have a feeling we will have an investigation into IU’s recruiting practices in the future.

  8. I dont like everyone looking for reasons to complain about IU basketball. Sampson made too many phone calls, he didn’t finance a recruit or lure him through other illegal practices. It was just phone calls. I think people are hating on Samspon too much and avoiding the positives. He gets to the tournament, something Davis couldn’t do for almost half of his tenure, and he is a respectable coach, something Davis wasn’t. Lets see how this season goes for Sampson before we judge his future.

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