Gordon and Rose at the game?

Kyle, a reader, posted the following comment about an hour after the IU football game ended.

“I know this is totally unrelated to the game, but in the 2nd quarter DJ White, Wilmont, Ratliff, Rose, and Gordon all came in together. People started chanting eric gordon. If I had to bet on it I would bet that gordon comes to IU.”

We didn’t see them from up here in the press box, but if others did, we’d like to hear about it.


  1. The Indianpolis Star is reporting the open Gym Before the Football game where the current I U Basketball team was having a pick up game and Rose and a few other prospects where here , that the NCAA may call this a violation ?

  2. I saw DJ, AJ, Wilmont, Gordon, Rose, and others walking into the stadium. Took a few pics of the recruits with my camrera phone and told them they are going to be huge stars at IU.

  3. OPEN GYM, cannot be a violation. NO coaches were involved ( as far as anyone knows ) so this cannot be a violation.

    If it was open Gym ANYONE can play…period.

    This is not a big deal…what IS a big deal is that ALL of these players were there TOGETHER!

    IF ( and I think it’s HUGE if ) IU gets these guys you’ll be loaded.

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