Gordon and Rose Practicing in Assembly Hall…

But no one is allowed inside to watch.

What was originally supposed to be an open pick-up game was closed about 15 minutes before it was set to start. However, a large flock of fans had already entered Assembly Hall and found the door to the locker room where Indiana players and blue chip recruits Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose were getting ready. The Indiana players emerged to loud cheers first. Gordon came out alone and seemed almost shocked by the wall of sound that greeted him. He shook a few hands as he walked slowly to the door that leads out to the court. Rose emerged joined by a few people talking on cell phones and also shook some hands.


  1. Nice to see that some things never change in Indiana. Cheating as per usual. Now do you folks understand why I didn’t want that job?

  2. Well if Rose and Gordon do go to IU it wont matter much because you will be on probation for recruiting violations in getting them so you wont even go to the tournament

  3. What a class act Kelvin Sampson is?!?!?!
    I’ll make sure none of my kids ever visit Indiana.
    We average 2 to 3 D1 playas per year here in Illinois.
    The last big timer being Pete Mickael.
    A coach with no scruples or ethics, yeah that’s what a kid should really look for in a coach. What happened to guiding, and molding players while coaching them.


  4. coach reid, it should be “could HAVE had” not of…but I digress…

    WHERE is the Violation in all of this?!? It’s off season. No coaches can be allowed at these games. It actually would have been a violation to have a CLOSED game.

    Coaches may work with up to four players. So as long as there weren’t any coaches in attendance at this “game” there is no violation.

    I don’t believe Gordan or Rose have SIGNED a LOI…(If they have just delete this and call me an idiot)

    While I WHOLEHEARTELDY agree that once a kid verbals he should be left alone, the world of recruiting has changed, even in the past three years. Players ( much mor than coaches ) are looking for places to SHOWCASE themselves soo they can move on to the next level. If Gordon were truly committed and sold on the schools he verbaled this would be a non-issue. Gordan COULD have signed early, but he didn’t…there was probably a reason for that!

    I am NOT a Sampson fan…I’m a KU ( Kansas ) fan and alum, I just don’t see the huge deal in a few players playing a pick-up game at IU if they are unsigned.

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