Indiana-UConn live updates

END OF THE GAME: Powers tried to scramble for the first down on 4th and 6, and he didn’t make it. The game is over, the Hoosiers fall to 2-2 overall.

1:12 4th: The Hoosiers’ last shot begins now with Blake Powers at quarterback and 80 yards to go for the tying score.

2:27 4th: Blake Powers’ pass went a few feet past the outstretched arms of Nick Polk on 4th and 15. With only one timeout left, the Hoosiers are in all likelood beaten.

3:55 4th: The IU defense stepped up. They stopped the Huskies on third and seven and used their second timeout to stop the clock. UConn punted, and the Hoosiers will get the ball at their own 20-yard line. Blake Powers is in at quarterback to lead the drive.

4:15 4th: The Huskies are inside Indiana territory, and they’re getting exactly what they want out of this drive. IU’s interior defense is giving up four or five yards every play, and the Hoosiers won’t have much time to work with when/if they get the ball back.

9:45 4th: The Huskies have the ball and the lead, 14-7. They are starting out at their own 14-yard line with a chance to take some time off the clock with a long drive. IU needs some defense here.

14:54 left in the 4th: Blake Powers opened the third quarter facing a 3rd and 7 from the Indiana 17-yard line, and on the run he threw a rocket to Jahkeen Gilmore for a first down.

End of the third quarter: UConn has 218 rushing yards, while IU has just eight, but the Hoosiers have 102 passing yards, while UConn has just 15. UConn has still only converted one 3rd down for the game, but IU turned the ball over twice in UConn territory in the 3rd quarter.

2:43 3rd: The Hoosiers blew another promising drive when a Kellen Lewis pass was tipped and intercepted at the UConn 29-yard line. The Hoosiers’ offense has looked better in the second half, but a couple of bad breaks have ended both of the last drives. The Hoosiers have turned the ball over four times (three interception, one lost fumble). It will be a shame if the offense doesn’t produce on a day when the defense has played so admirably.

6:20 3rd: Kellen Lewis couldn’t pull in the low snap, and the Huskies recovered the fumble. IU was in the middle of its best offensive drive of the game so far. The Huskies took over at the their own 33-yard line.

11:35 3rd: Marcus Thigpen returned the ensuing kickoff 87 yards for an IU touchdown. The extra point was good. IU trails the Huskies 14-7. Thigpen is the first player in IU history to return two kickoffs for touchdowns in the same season.

11:51 3rd: UConn running back Lou Allen fought through a Greg Brown tackle then broke away for a 35-yard touchdown run. The extra point was good. UConn leads Indiana 14-0. UConn now has 211 rushing yards.

14:44 left in the 3rd: UConn return man Larry Taylor returned the second-half kickoff to the UConn 46-yard line. The second half is underway.

Half-time: Stats of note- IU is 1 of 9 on third down conversions, while UConn has yet to convert on third down. Blake Powers went 4 for 9 with 31 yards with an interception in the first half, while Kellen Lewis went 2 for 7 with an interception. UConn quarterback D.J. Hernandez has completed just 3 out of 9 passes for 12 yards with two interceptions.
The Hoosiers trail Connecticut 7-0. Rodger Saffold got into the game in the second quarter, making him the first of the highly-touted group of freshmen offensive linemen to see game action this year. At the half, IU has just one rushing yard compared to 157 for UConn, and the Hoosiers have piled up a total of 42 yards on offense.

1:59 2nd: Kellen Lewis is back in the game at quarterback.

7:13 2nd: Tracy Porter has been unbelievable today. He just blocked a field goal, which Will Meyers returned 26 yards to the IU 37-yard line. That’s two interceptions and a blocked field goal so far for Porter…and it isn’t even half-time yet.

9:47 2nd: Huskies’ running back Terry Caulley just broke a 57-yard run to put the Huskies in IU territory. So much for bad field position.

10:30 2nd: Tyson Beattie just redeemed himself with a huge 71-yard punt that was downed at the 1-yard line.

12:32 2nd: On 3rd down Hernandez scrambled for 16 yards but fumbled the ball just short of the goal line. Hoosier Will Meyers dove on the ball in the endzone, and it was ruled a touchback, Indiana ball. The play was reviewed and upheld. IU 1st and 10 at the UConn 20, Powers is in at quarterback.

13:54 2nd: Powers came in and threw an interception on 1st down. UConn now has the ball at the IU 21-yard line.

14:18 left in the 2nd: Tracy Porter picked off another pass on 3rd down for the Huskies, giving IU the ball at the UConn 18. Blake Powers is back in the game at quarterback.

End of the 1st Quarter: Kellen Lewis is in the game at quarterback, and he has looked no better than Blake Powers. There is no indication at this point that Powers is hurt. The Huskies did not make a first down in the quarter, a good indication as to how well the IU defense has played.

The two teams have combined for just 43 yards of total offense in the quarter. Sears (shoulder), McCray, Mangiero, Powers, and Gilmore (leg) all came out of the game for unknow reasons, although Mangiero only missed one possesion. The Hoosiers trail by seven, but they will have the wind at their backs in the second quarter.

The first quarter ended with a combined eight punts and just one first down.
3:35 1st: Kellen Lewis started the last drive and proceeded to throw an interception, which was returned for a touchdown. Also, the telecast showed coach Hoeppner in the press box with a headset on. The Hoosiers trail 7-0, and have just been forced to punt again.

7:48 1st: Make that 3 three-and-outs. Beattie has not punted the ball well either. If this ends up being a field-position battle, the Hoosiers are in trouble.

7:57 1st: The Hoosiers have been awful on offense so far, going three-and-out twice. They now have a net of zero total yards, and they just used their first timeout. On the bright side, the defense has held up well so far, and the pass protection from the O-line has been good.

8:43 1st: Tracy Porter intercepted a Hernandez pass to give the Hoosiers the ball at UConn’s 46-yard line.

12:36 1st: The Hoosiers went three-and-out to open the game. Powers completed one pass, a screen to Nick Polk, for two yards.

14:26 left in the 1st Quarter: Powers is starting at quarterback. The Hoosiers’ opening drive will begin at their own 22-yard line.

The teams have taken the field and the captains met at midfield for the coin toss. Connecticut won the toss and chose to defer. Indiana chose to receive the ball.

About twenty minutes until kickoff, and the crowd on hand is sparce even by IU standards. Quarterback Blake Powers looked healthy during warmups, but we’ll have to wait until the opening drive to see if he starts. It’s a trademark Indiana fall day, complete with a sullen gray sky, periodic showers, and a harsh breeze that has kept the flags at Memorial Stadium whipping all afternoon.

Here’s a little pregame report. The Walk started a few minutes late in the middle of a downpour that kept the crowd smaller than usual.

The 1986 Indiana team that played in the All-America Bowl is having a reunion this weekend, and a least a couple dozen players from that team joined The Walk.

As the Walk was about to start, former coach Bill Mallory waved his arm and barked to his ‘86 players, “Let’s Go,” just like Mallory was still their coach today. Mallory shook hands with interim coach Bill Lynch at the top of the steps leading down from Assembly Hall and the two Indiana teams together followed Lynch and Mallory together into Memorial Stadium.

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