Indiana 24, Ball State 23 (Final)

That’s a final. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates and also read the print edition of The Herald-Times to find our extensive coverage.



11:01, Fourth quarter: Austin Starr just hit a 34-yard field goal to give Indiana its first lead of the game. Andrew Means’ 32-yard catch over the middle was the play of the drive.


Kellen Lewis has been the difference. He’s thrown for 198 yards and also leads the team in rushing, although we don’t have his official totals now because the stat sheet we were given is wrong.



5:22, Third quarter: Is it time to declare the Blake Powers era at Indiana over? Kellen Lewis just scored on a run of 23 yards, rolling all the way left before bursting up the middle and bouncing back to the other side of the field. He’s got speed and he’s tough.


7:04, Third quarter: Brian Jackson just missed a 45-yard field goal and gave Indiana the ball on their own 27.



11:07, Third quarter: Kellen Lewis’ mobility is causing a lot of trouble for Ball State. He’s roaming around the backfield and waiting for his receivers to get open. He held the ball for a good five seconds and drifted right before finding Hardy in the front of the end zone for a 12-yard touchdown pass.



Indiana is being outplayed in practically every facet of the game. Ball State is making plays where Indiana is not.

Check out these stats: Ball State has gained 220 yards compared to Indiana’s 77. Joey Lynch has completed 12 of 16 passes for 202 yards

Right at the end of the half, James Hardy failed to fight through the defense and make a grab on a short route. It didn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things since there wasn’t much time left, but it was indicative of what’s wrong with the Hoosiers right now. Hardy has to make that catch. He’s the go-to guy, and he hasn’t made a catch yet.
Dante Love, on the other hand, had made a very similar play just minutes early. Facing third-and-two, Joey Lynch stepped up into the pocket and fired a pass toward Love, who had three defenders surrounding him. Despite being hit as the ball arrived, he held on and kept the drive alive.



0:35, Second quarter: Joey Lynch just found Darius Hill wide open on a 40-yard pass. Hill ran past a short zone into the open field and had no one within 15 yards of him when he got the ball near the goal line and backed in for the score.

It might be that Indiana has no one to blame but two guys on their own staff for what’s happening. Joey Lynch is by far the best quarterback playing in this game, not because of physical ability but because he’s poised and smart.



8:07 Second quarter: Marcus Thigpen just returned a kick 100 yards to get Indiana on the board and back into the game. He found a hole to the right and showed good patience picking his way through. Then he sprinted down the sideline and tied the school record for longest kick return.


8:25, Second quarter: Senior kicker Brian Jackson just hit a 52-yard field goal, tucking it just above the bar and inside the left upright.

Seeing that kick slip through must have hurt the Indiana defense. They’d just played tough and fought for the stop.


After gaining a total of two yards in three plays, Indiana once again suffered a special teams disaster. Tyson Beattie, punting from the 14, sees his punt go out of bounds at his own 37-yard-line.


Ball State had all the energy in the first quarter, boistered by a hearty crowd. But there’s no reason the Hoosiers should look so rattled.

Joey Lynch threw for 138 yards in the first quarter, while Indiana completed two passes for 29 yards. First round of the Lynch fight goes to young Joey.

Our suspicion on why Hoeppner closed practice was right. The Hoosiers have made significant changes on both offense and defense. Josh Bailey is back playing the Buck but obviously the scheme has been altered a bit.

And Kellen Lewis looks good. He may not be on the bench again this year.


With eight seconds left in the quarter, Austin Starr just missed a chip-shot field goal, wasting a strong effort by new quarterback Kellen Lewis. Lewis took the offense on his shoulders and ran and passed the team down to the 6-yard line. He’s been tough to tackle and fairly accurate. He did overthrow James Hardy on third-and-goal.

Tracy Porter just picked off a pass, making a great read and even better grab along the sideline.

Kellen Lewis is now playing quarterback for Indiana. His first play was a QB sweep that got called back because — you guessed it — a penalty.


Indiana just went three plays without gaining a yard, then missed about three tackles on the punt return. Ball State has the ball first and ten from the Indiana 41.



7:30, First quarter: OK. Indiana IS in trouble. No doubt. They can’t stop Joey Lynch and his fleet of speedy receivers. And they continue taking dumb penalties, this time a face mask in the red zone.

Lynch followed that up with a 7-yard pass to Terry Moss, who broke two tackles to fight his way into the endzone.


Graeme McFarland is playing quarterback for the Hoosiers, so either Powers is hurt or has been demoted.

Bryan Payton, who has been the third running back for most of the season, got the start.


Well, less than four minutes in Indiana has made two stupid plays. Lance Bennett just fielded a kick at the six-yard-line instead of letting it go out of bounds.



11:00, First Quarter: The Cardinals just marched 80 yards with ease. Joey Lynch is picking apart the Hoosiers’ weak zone.

Chris Phillps made a terrible play, bumping tight end Darius Hill in the end zone and earning a pass interference. It was third down and Lynch’s pass sailed way high. That gave the Cardinals another chance, and they capitalized on a short out pass to fullback Brad Salyer.

Indiana could be in trouble.


We’re set for kickoff at about 6:37.

Indiana’s kickoff goes through the end zone.

Ball State will start at its own 20.

William Patterson, a true freshman at linebacker, started for Indiana in place of Josh Bailey, the Buck. It looks like Patterson is playing a normal linebacker spot.


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