Indiana vs. Wisconsin- Live Updates


1:02 left: IU got another touchdown on a run by Josiah Sears to make it 52-17.

9:41 4th: UW return man Josh Nettles fumbled the kickoff return and Troy Grosfield scooped it up and took it to the house. Score UW 52, IU 10.

9:54 4th: Austin Starr kicked a 21-yard field goal to keep the Hoosiers from being shut out. If you believe in moral victories, then it’s hard not to consider this game a moral loss, as well as an actual loss. The body language has been very disheartening. Score Wisconsin 52, IU 3

12:30 4th: There is something going on here with James Hardy. He is not getting any balls his way, and that makes no sense. Maybe it’s because the game is out of reach, but that still doesn’t explain why he got so few balls early on. James Hardy, one catch for 8 yards.

END OF THE 3rd QUARTER: This game is over. IU just got blown out today. There’s still one quarter left, and UW has 523 total yards. IU has 162.

:59 3rd: Touchdown Badgers. 52-0. Needless to say, this has been a bad day for Indiana Football.

2:20 3rd: Wisconsin made a field goal to extend the lead to 45-0.

7:34 3rd: The fans here at Memorial Stadium are leaving in droves. There has been a steady flow of traffic out of the stands over the past few minutes. Wisconsin is playing backups now, and all that is left is to run out the clock.

9:28 3rd: The Badgers just scored again, this time on a one-yard touchdown run by Hill. The drive went 77 yards in six plays. It was Hill’s third rushing touchdown on the day. Wisconsin leads 42-0.

14:54 left in the 3rd: The crowd at this point is maybe half of what it was before halftime. The Hoosiers have the football and will try to overcome this 35-point deficit.

HALF-TIME: Score: 35-0. IU is getting beat in every phase of the game here. Wisconsin is just a superior team. Some stats: Total yard IU 127, UW 390. UW has 140 rushing yards, while the Hoosiers are doing well by their standards with 86. The Hoosiers have just 41 passing yards. The Hoosiers are 1 for 6 on third down, while UW is 3 for 4. Kellen Lewis is 5 for 12 for 41 yards, while Stocco is 13 for 15 with 250 yards and three touchdowns. James Hardy has one catch for 8 yards.
1:52 2nd: Wisconsin has scored again, making the score 35-0. The drive went 79 yards in just six plays, and P.J. Hill capped it off with a one yard touchdown run.

4:08 2nd: The Hoosiers got all the way down to Wisconsin’s 21-yard line, but the drive stalled there. On fourth down and nine, the Hoosiers went for it with a pass play. Lewis dropped back, saw some early pressure, and rifled the ball to James Hardy. Hardy wasn’t even out of his break yet, so he didn’t even see the pass coming until it flew past his head. Lewis panicked a bit, but it’s becoming clear that his timing with Hardy is not there.

6:41 2nd: Lewis had an equipment problem and Blake Powers took one snap. He threw the ball about five yards short of his receiver and went back out of the game. The Hoosiers are driving and have crossed the 50-yard line.

8:04 2nd: UW quarterback John Stocco just threw his third touchdown pass, and the Hoosiers trail 28-0. The drive went 23 yards in four plays. This game is quickly getting out of hand, but when IU beat UW in 2002 the Hoosiers were down 29-10 at half. Still, things are not looking good.

10:08 2nd: Ray Fisher caught a short pass, but he got stripped by a Wisconsin defender and the Badgers have possession of the ball inside the IU 20-yard line.

10:22 left in the 2nd: Wisconsin has scored again, making 21-0. The Badgers went 63 yards in eleven plays, and capped off the drive with a 15-yard touchdown pass from John Stocco to Paul Hubbard.

END OF 1st QUARTER: The Hoosiers had to punt on their third drive. Wisconsin will have possesion at their own 37-yard line to open the second quarter. IU looks to be in trouble. They’re down 14-0, the defense just gave up two long yet quick scoring drives, and the offense looks to be in trouble. UW’s P.J. Hill has already gained 81 yards on just eleven carries, and quarterback John Stocco is 5 for 5 with a touchdown. IU has yet to convert a third down.
Hardy is being double-covered, and Wisconsin’s D-line is shutting down the running game (IU had 27 rushing yards on the first possession, but they’ve only gained 17 since). Freshman Pete Saxon is seeing some action on the O-line. He is the second of the heralded freshmen linemen to see the field this season.

1:39 1st: The Badgers scored again, this time on a 35-yard touchdown pass by John Stocco to cap off a 4 play, 73-yard drive that took just over one minute. IU trails Wisconsin 14-0.

3:02 1st: The Hoosiers went nowhere on their second drive and were forced to punt. Update: Chris Mangiero is playing some right guard, Jahkeen Gilmore is not dressed for the game, Austin Thomas, IU leading tackler, is not seeing as much action, and Demetrius McCray is in uniform but hasn’t gotten on the field yet.

4:21 1st: Wisconsin’s bruising back P.J. Hill just capped off a 10 play, 89-yard touchdown drive with a 1-yard run into the endzone. The Badger’s moved the ball with frightening ease on that one. IU trails 7-0.

9:03 1st: The Hoosiers’ offense picked up some yards, including 27 rushing yards, on the opening drive, but three penalties, including an offensive pass interference call against James Hardy, slowed them up and they were forced to punt.

12:40 left in the 1st quarter: The Hoosier defense is off to a good start, forcing the Badgers to punt on their opening possession.

12:03 p.m.– The Hoosiers won the toss and deferred until the second half. The kick is off, let the Big Ten season begin.

The Hoosiers are about six minutes away from the start of their Big Ten opener. There’s some wind here at Memorial Stadium and that could become an issue for IU’s pass-heavy attack.

First news here is that Kellen Lewis will start at quarterback, and Rodger Saffold will start at left tackle, with senior Justin Frye moving to center.


  1. Good to see we can compete at the D 1-A level. Looks like Coach Hypener should have stayed in the MAC. Welcome to the Big Ten, fella.

  2. Seems like Lewis doesn’t have the same connection with Hardy that Powers did. THe kid’s just a redshirt freshman, I don’t know what else people can expect between that and the makeshift O-Line.

    Powers should have started again after he got healthy IMO. The offense was looking to him this year and I don’t think he was given a chance.

  3. This team won’t win another game this year. What a disappointment. I hate to say it under the circumstances, but it starts with the coaches and recruiters.

  4. Good point Jim. Lewis doesn’t even seem to look for Hardy, and the O-line has had a lot of problems with protection (in almost every game at some point the defense has rushed three and still pressured the quarterback). It seems like Hep is being forced to decide between the present and the future, because there’s no denying Powers is the more polished passer. I have to agree with Jack, too. This team will likely not win another game (especially given the Illinois win over MSU), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting better. Thanks for your comments.

  5. They threw the whole offseason into the toilet by benching Powers for Lewis. I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen a game, but it doesn’t make sense to me for the offense to work with one guy who started all last season, and then, poof, we’re going with this redshirt freshman. If that’s the case, don’t tell us you’re going to play 12 games. Hoeppner is going to lose his credibility. I wish him the best and I believe our program can win, but they clearly wasted an entire offseason. It’s too bad.

  6. I know this season doesn’t look good for the Hoosiers. I just cringe when I think about IU playing the #1 ranked team in the nation.

    Having said that, I am disappointed mostly in the fans. Year after year, the fans are the ones who give up first. They are the first to lose faith in the team, and to start pointing fingers.

    I think the decision to go with Lewis was the best because Powers is done soon anyways. Why not carry off the early success of a guy who could be with us a few years down the road. I think the BigTen season is gonna be tough, but the team can learn and experience it all.

    At least the fans can still get behind the team. And if the team goes out there and fights as hard as they can, and improves from one game to the next. You never know how many could be won. Even if we don’t win another game, if the team did their best, then they’ll learn from it and come back that much stronger next year. So, don’t give up on this year or next year will be just the same.

    Even if great recruits come in, if they put in with experienced players who didn’t give their all, we’ll still get nowhere.

    I know we’re gonna lose games. A lot, until the program gets better. But I’m not giving up hope. Stay strong Hoosiers.

  7. I think it is just hard to be positive considering that we were making progress in the 3rd year of Dinardo. Big ten scores were much closer and we actually had a chance to win some games. Last year we stayed with some teams in the first half, then we couldn’t sustain in the second. Now, this year we are just getting destroyed no matter who, when, and where we play. It has been tough watching this team take so many steps backwards the last two years. I believe the administration is to blame for only giving Dinardo 3 years to turn around the entire program. I realize that most people think that the guy was an a****** and maybe he was…but the point was that no one could turn around IU in three years. Since we decided to go in a different direction, it will be at least another 3 years before we are even respectable. I believe that Hoeppner is the right man for the job but it is just too bad that we haven’t improved at all in the last two years. I would like to see a Warren Central, IU matchup…that way we would be playing against players on our own level!

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