Not too worried about running game

Terry Hoeppner was asked Tuesday at his weekly press conference about his thoughts on Indiana’s running game, which produced just 71 yards on 28 carries Saturday.

“You guys worry about that a lot more than I do, quite honestly” he said to reporters. “Oh no, I can’t believe it — we need to rush the ball. Like, the media wanted us to rush the ball up to your standards. You have a very high standard in terms of running the ball.

“Find a way to win. That’s been one of my operating codes for a long time.”
Hoeppner said that in Indiana’s spread offense, some its short passes serve the same purpose as running plays.

He also said Indiana did run the ball well at times during the Western Michigan game.

Last year, Blake Powers set a school record for touchdown passes (22) and had the second-best season in school history in completions (212) and fourth-best in passing yards (2,305). But Indiana finished last in the Big Ten in rushing yards per game (131) and yards per carry (3.4).