Trustees OK athletics facilities…

Indiana University’s board of trustees voted today to approve $55-million worth of additions and upgrades to the school’s athletic facilities.

Now, atheltic director Rick Greenspan will work with architects to devise final plans before construction begins.

A new building that encloses the north end of Memorial Stadium will cost $25 million and take more than two years to be designed and built. It will house meeting rooms, a weight room, offices for football and most of the athletics department, a hall of fame and banquet facilities. Once the building is completed and the football offices have moved, the 32,000 square feet vacated under the east stands of the stadium will be renovated and turned into a academic center for athletes.

A new basketball practice facility, expected to cost $15 million, should be completed in about 18 months said Terry Clapacs, IU vice president for administration. It will provide practice courts, offices, a weight room and training facilities for both the women’s and men’s basketball team and will be located just southeast of Assembly Hall.

Finally, a baseball/softball complex near the bypass will cost about $14 million and be completed in 18 months. It will provide new stadiums, offices and locker room facilities.

A study to determine whether Assembly Hall should be renovated or replaced will also be conducted as part of the new plan.

And all of the tab will be picked up by the athletics department, which will raise $10 million through a private campaign and pay back $45 million in bonds.

“This is sports money paying for sports facilities,” trustee Pat Shoulders said. “We’re not taking a dime away from any other department on campus.”