1. Ummm, that Lewis is still on the field. The difference is that the defenses he is facing are better. The kid may be the future of IU football — but the future of IU football needs to figure out how to check off on receivers rather than lock onto his #1 option, how to step up into the pocket rather than tucking it to run at the first sign of danger, and how to throw the ball away rather than take a loss.

  2. He also needs to have an offensive line to block, receivers to catch, A RUNNING GAME, a defense that can stop people…….he needs a lot more than he is going to get at IU!

  3. I agree with #2. I think Lewis should remain the top option. Speaking of options, it should help if/when Hardy comes back. I think Sears can eventually be the running game. But I think the o-line needs to open some holes and protect better.

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