A little talk about IU’s B-ball starting lineup

Talking with Ben Allen and Lance Stemler yesterday, it sounds like the power forward spot is IU’s biggest position battle heading into the start of the season.

D.J. White will start at center, and Allen and JUCO transfer Mike White are competing for the starting power forward spot. Rod Wilmont and A.J. Ratliff appear likely to start on the wings and Earl Calloway at point guard.

Stemler said nobody knows yet what the lineup will be, but he thinks D.J. White, Calloway and Wilmont are sure to start, and Ratliff is almost sure to start. Stemler expects that he’ll provide depth at both forward spots. He also expects to Sampson make changes in IU’s starting lineup based on the size and strengths of opponents’ starting fives.

With these two possibilities, a White, Allen, Wilmont, Ratliff, Calloway lineup would have more shooting and scoring ability; but a White, White, Wilmont, Ratliff, Calloway lineup would rebound better and play better defense.

With all practices being closed to the media, we haven’t been able to see how guys like Allen and Mike White are doing in running Sampson’s offense and in contributing with setting picks and being in the right spots. Wilmont said yesterday that the biggest difference with Sampson’s offense is that after the ball is thrown into the post, there’s a lot more movement to get somebody open, rather than focusing on spacing between players, as was the case in Mike Davis’ offense.

What lineup would you like to see?


  1. Ah, movement without the ball — Indiana basketball! That will be nice to see again. “Spacing” is just a euphemism for standing around.

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