After the madness, it’s pure hysteria…

As you can probably guess, I’m going a little crazy. It’s been a long day between the Gordon saga concluding and the new season starting.

Our coverage in the Saturday’s paper is going to feel a little incomplete to our readers, I think. Our deadline was about 11:30, which is when the men’s basketball team actually took the court.

So not only will the paper not discuss too much of what happened when Sampson and Co. took the court, it will be light on details from the rest of the night, too. We spent a lot of our time trying to track down Eric Gordon Sr. and get a few comments from him, and then had to write our stories about that.

The Gordon story is a bit more newsy, anyway, and has wider ramifications. Midnight madness was a neat event, for sure, and the fans were fired up. But part of that stemmed from the Gordon news — and was directed at both Gordon and the man who landed him, Kelvin Sampson.

Recruiting is way overblown these days and there are hundreds of examples to prove it.

But in this case, Eric Gordon represents a can’t miss. And choosing Indiana — even if it was partially because it was closer than Illinois — bodes well for the image of the program.

Doug talks about that issue in his Saturday column. You can find links to all of our stories, predictably enough, under the links section.

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  1. Marcus Liberty… Teddy Grubbs… Remember these can’t miss high school number 1 in the nation studs. The last time I checked they were bagging groceries at Jewel. The bottom line is can Kelvin Sampson coach, which his record at Oklahoma doesn’t indicate. We know waddle in mud to get recruits but can he make any noise with these players before the NCAA drops a probation ruling on IU… We will see.

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