Derrick Rose….no one knows….

It all depends on who you elect to listen to any given minute:

Chicago guard Derrick Rose is a lock to attend Memphis next year.

He’s also a lock to attend Indiana because his buddy Eric Gordon is going there.

Also, he likes DePaul a lot.

Besides that, he runs a 2.2 40-yard dash, bench presses 890 pounds (rep, not max) and hits consistently from beyond the half-court line. His SAT score was 1 million.

Now, according to real, actual reporting, Derrick Rose is giving Illinois a look again. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the No. 1 point guard in the class of 2007 will be in Champaign this weekend.

What does this mean? What is the global significance?

Personally, I think it tells us for sure that the weapon North Korea tested a few weeks ago was indeed a nuclear weapon.

But let’s stick to hoops. It means that Derrick Rose doesn’t know where he’s going.

Which means that the guy at the local minimart who insists on discussing the issue with you every time you stop in for a cup of their crappy coffee doesn’t know, either. No one does.

And the ultimate lesson is that this ridiculous way of covering recruiting where kids need to name their “favorites” and then each “visit” is read into endlessly serves no purpose. None.

We’ve been hearing all along that Rose will announce his signing at a joint press conference with two Simeon teammates (who also play on his Chicago Meanstreets AAU team) that will announce for Division I teams, too.

Maybe Derrick or his brother Reggie, the coach of the AAU team and the guy most often quoted about Derrick’s recruitment, will leak an answer before the beginning of the early signing period on Nov. 8th.

Maybe they won’t.

Maybe everyone should stop obsessing over it.

Definitely they won’t. 


  1. Hey baby, this is a strange turn of events, but I hope Mr. Rose chooses the Hoosiers baby!!! That would give Indiana the best backcourt in the history of college hoops baby, and everyone in the college basketball world would have to get a T O baby get a T O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gordon is definitely not coming back to Illinois….and Rose doesnt want to be with Gordon thats why he decided to give Illinois a second look….its common sense….So dont count on Rose going to Indiana….HES COMING TO ILLINOIS TO TORTURE GORDON!!!

  3. Any blue-chipper going to Indiana is a fool. Sampson has already been in NCAA hot water at Oklahoma, he has recruited high profile players yet not put as many as Illinois into the NBA because he isnt enough of a coach to develop them. Indiana will be put on probation and Sampson will get canned within 3 years. Ya heard it here first. Remember when Indiana had integrity? That Knight was along time ago. When I think of the Hoosiers with Kelvin Sampson as coach, it reminds me of when Kentucky got nuked by the NCAA about 15 yrs ago. Scary. Dirty. Slimy. NOT IU BASKETBALL IN ANY WAY!

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