Fisher out for the Iowa game

Ray Fisher will miss Saturday’s game after suffering a wrist injury against Illinois.

Fisher’s injury came on Indiana’s game-winning drive as he dove to try to catch a pass, coach Terry Hoeppner said Tuesday. On the next play, Fisher did catch a seven-yard pass at the Illinois 26 that helped set up the game-winning field goal.

Hoeppner said Fisher will be out for “a period of time” because of the injury, which was revealed by an X-ray.

Fisher, a true freshman, is Indiana’s third-leading receiver with 16 catches for 167 yards this season. IU’s leaders are redshirt freshman Nick Polk (19 catches for 217 yards) and sophomore James Bailey (18 catches for 185 yards).

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  1. In response to discussion question from NY -Why Blake lost QB job?

    When exactly has Blake been given a real opportunity to show what he can do this season? In the 2 1/3 quarters he was the unquestionable/#1 QB W. Michigan or was it the game he “started” and rotated with Lewis against UCONN.? If your going to give the guy from NY an explanation about why Blake LOST his job… give him all the facts.

    Talk about what Blake did at the beginning of the season last year. Because that it is all you’ve got to compare with Lewis/Offense of “06. Let’s compare apples to apples. After Kellen/Offense “06 play their last six games you can compare them to how Blake “struggled” in his final five games. Blake may only thrown 4 TD’s against the elite teams of the Big Ten and 9 INT’s. Kellen has thrown 2 TD’s against WHO? I’d like to hear your prediction for the offensive production against the meat and potatoes of the Big Ten for Kellen/offense 06 – TD’s and INT’s.

    Kellen has been the #1 QB since the S. Illinois game. He has managed an offense that mustered less than 20 yards total offense in the entire second quarter of S.Illinois game. Kellen has one TD pass in the last fifteen quarters. Blake had 18 TD passes at the same point last year.

    Exactly how many positive yards has Kellen rushed for this year?? How many wide open receivers has Kellen missed – by rushing? How many yards rushing did Blake have to this point last year? How many rushing TD’s did Blake have through the first five games last year? I bet there is not much difference. And there is ABSOLUTELY no comparison between IU’s offensive production in ’05 and this year – NONE! Even a guy who just reads the box scores can tell that.

    Blake may have struggled against Big TEN competition last year – but he did manage to throw for 2 TD’s and bring IU within 3 points of IOWA with 9:51 remaining in Iowa City last year.

    I don’t believe that IU’s offensive line at the beginning of the season or NOW is markedly Worse than last year’s. Do you remember the sheer volume of false starts, holdings, sacks, low snaps from a year ago? But, Blake, the O line, the running backs, the receivers, the defense and special teams were able to start the year 4-1.

    Calls for Lewis to take his lumps and get experience and play for the future – are ironically short-sighted. Attendance is down – I’d guess about 30% – and the Big Ten schedule hasn’t even hit the UPHILL Climb.
    Blake and Hardy represented a preseason dual threat that had some potential. But, where are we now – LOST.

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