Gordon in the “Real Assembly Hall”

Eric Gordon is here in Bloomington, in part upstaging the rest of Hoosier Hysteria.

Gordon strolled onto the floor at about 9:40, prompting “Er-ic Gor-don” chants from the crowd. He signed autographs, including one on a poster that said “Welcome to the Real Assembly Hall.”

He spent most of the evening eating with other recruits and chatting with coaches. As he emerged from the dinner he opted not to speak to the media.

His father, Eric Gordon Sr., did speak with the media later. Many of his comments were similar to what we reported earlier today.

The most eventful part of the chat came eight minutes and 55 seconds in, when head coach Kelvin Sampson happened to turn the corner. He stopped and threw his hands in the air, a big smile filling his face.

Eric Gordon Sr. stopped, pointed at Sampson and said, “Right there, that’s what sold him.”