Hoops practice update . . .

Kelvin Sampson met with the media today and discussed the first week of practice. A few highlights:

— Sampson said he’s taking his time and trying to teach the players how to do things his way. He’s behind where he wants to be at this point in the year but says that is to be expected because the players and coaches are still trying to get to know each other.

— Sampson is emphasizing a high pace in practice. He believes teams play the way they practice and is trying to push them from the word go. They’re having a little trouble adjusting but are making progress.

— Sampson said he’s been impressed with A.J. Ratliff. He wants Earl Calloway to learn to manage the game better, and Ben Allen is still in the habit of working his way out to the three-point arc.

— Sampson likes freshman point gaurd Armon Bassett and may use him at shooting guard. He needs to work on his defense.

— Sampson’s practices are closed and players were not available for interviews this week. ESPN did tape part of Wednesday’s practice but it won’t be shown until the college basketball preview is aired near the beginning of the season.

I’ll post the whole story Friday morning.