Poll: Will Hoeppner’s challenge be met?

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Football coach Terry Hoeppner has challenged you to “Pack the Rock.” He wants 50,000 fans to attend Saturday’s game agaisnt Michigan State.

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  1. No pressure, but Hoeppner isn’t going to have an unlimited number of these to draw upon. I don’t know if he has to win this one or not, I know some people think the season is already a success because of the Iowa game, but since he’s putting this challenge out there if anywhere near 50,000 show up then the team better play one hell of a game and not let MSU pass for 4,000 yards against us like they did last year. When you pull a stunt like this, if it backfires you do run the risk of losing fans. Like Charlie Brown says, you’re either the hero, or the goat.

  2. I’ll help pack the rock when I can get discounted tickets for myself and my son as a staff member!

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