Indiana 4, Butler 2 (Final)

Final: Well, that’s about as wild as soccer gets.  

Here’s the game story that appears in Wednesday’s Herald-Times.

Nothing coming easy for soccer Hoosiers

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2:20 left, second half: Eric Alexander just showed why he was the best high school player in the country last year. Standing at the 18, he spun and kept the ball away from three players before firing a shot to the top right corner.  


2:36 left, second half: Darren Yeagle came streaming in alone, dribbled around the keeper and scored.


5:09 left, second half: After pressing for about 10 minutes, the Hoosiers tied the game off another Ackley pass.

This time the sophomore forward, who hadn’t had an assist all season, streaked down the right side before sending a ball to the middle. Josh Tudela got a foot on it and managed to deflect it past a defender and the keepr. 


28:00 left, scond half: And just like that the Bulldogs are back in the lead. 2-1. Tom Turner gathered a bouncing ball from about 20 yards out and fired a shot. It curved inside the far post, and Indiana keeper Chay Cain didn’t even move. He may have been screened or the ball may have been deflected. 


30:01 left, second half: After a tenative start to the second half, Indiana finally found a goal. Brian Ackley fed a ball through the middle to a streaking Kevin Noschang, who deked to the right of the keeper and scored on an empty net. 


End of First Half: Ahh, soccer. Indiana has had the better chances and more of them. Butler leads.

The doesn’t seem so important though after the game had to be stopped for about 20 minutes after an on-field collision.

Indiana’s Greg Stevning and Butler’s Dorshon Deans came together near the middle of the Indiana half of the field and then remained on the ground with 2:32 left in the half.

Stevning appeared to be knocked out and didn’t move. Deans rolled furiously and kicked his legs. The referee called for medical help immediately.

Stevning was eventually able to turn over and stand up. He walked off on his own power.

Deans was unable to get up. He appeared to be bleeding profusely from several places on his face. His teammates covered him with warmup jackets while an ambulance was called.

Intermission was called early, and eventually Deans was able to stand and place himself on the stretcher.

As he was pushed off the field, Deans raised both hands to acknowledge the crowd and let them know he was ok.

We’ll try to get an update whenever we can.


16 minutes left, first half: Indiana goalkeeper Chay Cain just came out to challenge a run. The ball hopped to John DeVae, who lofted a shot from 30 yards over a sprawled out Cain. Ofori Sarkodie tried to race back to the line and kick the ball out of the air but couldn’t get to it. 


I’m here at the Butler Bowl, the home of several Bulldog sports, in Indianapolis. The field is marked for three different sports in three different colors and is an artificial surface not unlike the field at Memorial Stadium. The ball rolls a bit quicker and the pace of play is heightened so far.

Indiana is controlling the play. So far, John Mellencamp has sent a good chance high over the bar and Kevin Robson has failed to finish a nice run and center by Darren Yeagle.