Ohio State 44, Indiana 3 (Final)

That’s a wrap from Columbus. The last part of the game was pretty uneventful with the Buckeyes trying to run out the clock with their second and third teamers doing most of the work.

Plenty of Indiana’s backups saw playing time, too and gained some valuable experience.

Brandon and I walked down to the field for last few minutes of the game. By that time the crowd had thinned and those that remained weren’t really in to the game. But it was still loud down there.

Check back for updates later and pick up a copy of Sunday’s Herald-Times for our comprehensive coverage. 


:25, 3rd quarter: Aaron Pettrey has tacked on three points with a 51-yard field goal. 


9:04, 3rd quarter: The Buckeyes just added another score, this time on a throw FROM Ted Ginn Jr.

The play began as an option left but smith pitched back to Ginn, who was crossing left. He stopped and looked for tight end Rory Nichols deep down field. Ginn threw deep, even though Nichols was covered tightly by linebacker Adam McClurg. But Nichols fought McClurg off and ran under the ball.


:20, 2nd quarter: Ohio State’s Jake Ballard just made a diving grab in the middle of the endzone to give his team a 25-point lead heading into the half.

The Buckeys marched 49 yards in 30 seconds, aided by a personal foul face mask by Leslie Majors. 


Anthony Gonzalez just snuck into the corner of the end zone for an easy score.

How a guy with more than 600 yards receiving on the year sneaks anywhere, I’m not sure.


14:52, 2nd quarter: What was I saying about Troy Smith? First play of the quarter, he’s forced out of the pocket and rolls left, zooming out of reach of Keith Burrus. Then Smith squares his body — he’s right handed — and chucks the ball to the left corner of the end zone, giving Ted Ginn Jr. plenty of time to run right under it. 


End of 1st quarter: Ohio State is starting to turn it on a bit. Troy Smith is getting into a rhythm. That long run when he countered left showed why he’s the top candidate for the Heisman and also got him into game. 


2:55, 1st quarter: The Buckeyes have taken the lead with a nifty play-action play on third and one.

Troy Smith faked the handoff and waited for Rory Nichol, his tight end, to break free over the top.  


Indiana just held Ohio State to three plays on its second possession. So far the pass defense has been tight and Troy Smith has not been sharp. 


7:59, 1st quarter: Indiana strikes first with a 33-yard field goal by Austin Starr.

The Hoosiers failed to move the ball a yard after Porter’s punt return. Ohio State is loading up on the left side of Indiana’s line, where true freshmen Rodger Saffold and Pete Saxon are playing, and getting good penetration.

On third down, James Hardy dropped a pass on an inside slant. 


The Hoosiers forced Ohio State to a three-and-out as Troy Smith threw wide for Ted Ginn Jr. on third down.

Then Tracy Porter took the punt return 34 yards. He reversed fields and streaked down the left sideline all the way to the 15 yard line.

Indiana needs to get seven points here. 


 The Hoosiers had a promising start to their first drive with Demetrius McCray scampering 11 yards on the first play. But it sputtered out when Kellen Lewis couldn’t find anyone on a third and nine play.

Tyson Beattie just pinned the Buckeyes at their own two-yard line with a 53-yard punt, though.


And here come the Buckeyes. Pretty fierce lookin’ group.

The Hoosiers were met with a spattering of half-hearted boos.


  1. Given the unsportsmanlike, if not barbaric, behavior of IU fans and the drunken hordes of noise goons who more or less epitomize the IU experience off the field, let these humiliating losses be cathartic . Students and fans of IU need an ego enema. Winning only feeds the madness of a hedonistic open-admission party school that has completely lost its reason and reason to be.

  2. That’s a pretty harsh critique, Ike. But I’d say you got a point about not a few IU fans acting like retards. The old days were better.

  3. The game was depressing. We were overwhelmed offensively and defensively. After last two outings, I expected Indiana to put at least 10 points on the board. Ohio is not No.1 for nothing. Well, next week…

    As far as Isaiah’s comments, ditto. I graduated in 1970. My wife and I walked the campus last week. My wife called it Noise Hell. Outsized exhaust pipes and BoomCars all over the place. Those things shouldn’t be alllowed anywhere near there.

  4. Hey guys, I’m Class of 2007 and I AGREE with Isaih!! I’m sick and tired of these troglodytes at IU who take up space, get drunk, and make noise. That’s ALL THEY DO!! So SICK OF THEM! They should put them in cages, not classrooms!! hah !

  5. The following Oct 24 H-T Letter to the Editor supports what some IU critics are saying on this blog. The Neanderthal responses from blog posters here to the critics pretty much makes the case, such as is expressed below.

    Letters to the editor

    October 24, 2006


    “I work in the hotel industry. The hotel where I work hosted quite a few Iowa fans. They were very nice people, and we all had a great time. When they returned from the game, though, I heard them remark about how bad the IU fans were. Apparently, there were some outside the stadium who were flinging beer bottles at people who passed by. They were also flinging epithets. I find this behavior disappointing and disgusting.

    A great deal of our industry in this town is dependent upon out-of-town visitors. Everyone should take responsibility to be gracious and helpful, leaving visitors with the desire to return. This was not what happened on Saturday. Many of the guests wanted to eat out, and they were looking for suggestions. Their only criteria was that the restaurant not be downtown or near the stadium. How many restaurants are affected by that decision?

    Grow up, IU fans.”

    -Sue Lambright

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