Is Hysteria worth it without the ballin’?

We still don’t know whether or not the Indiana men’s basketball team will scrimmage, as has been its custom, during Friday’s Midnight Madness celebration.

So we’ll turn the question to you: Do you plan on staying up past your bedtime to see the Hoosiers shoot threes and dunk a bit? Or, in the case of the students, are you willing to skip out on a night of, umm, “studying” to see your Hoosiers partake in contests?

Or are you in it for the hoops? Do you want to see them actually play basketball?


  1. I will be there no matter what because I want to support the team and new coach. It’s not like the “practice” they have had in the past has given much insight into how the team is going to perform. It is just a show after all and if I were coach Sampson I wouldn’t want my star player going down during this “practice” like the womens team did.

  2. I’ll attend the festivities regardless, but I will certainly be upset if there is no scrimmage. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a pickup game. I want to see the guys play some basketball. I want to see Earl get out on the break, DJ hit a baselline turnaround shot, AJ to take the ball to the basket, Lance to come off a screen and nail a 3, Mike White get a rebound, Rod knock down a 15-footer, Bassett beat his man off the dribble, and Benny block a shot without fouling. Go Hoosiers!!!

  3. No scrimmage means no fun…but it also means D.J. will have a few more weeks before he breaks another bone in his foot.

  4. at this point, with all the anticipation and interest I have built up about this team, I would probably go if they were just going to shoot free-throws and do lay-ups – a 3-point contest and dunk contest will suffice. plus, we might get an added bonus of knowing first where EJ is headed…

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