IU-Iowa Football Live Updates

End of the Game: The Hoosiers pulled off one of the biggest upsets in years…at least around here. Indiana 31, Iowa 28.

2:53 4th: The Hawkeyes were in Indiana territory, in field goal range, when a pass by Tate was tipped and intercepted by Will Meyers. The play was reviewed, it stood up, Iowa is out of timeouts, the Hoosiers can run the clock down to under one minute before they will need a first down.

3:23 4th: The Hawkeyes have the ball at their own 15 and are on their way down the field. They trail by three. Some questionable play-calling on that last drive by the Hoosiers, but we’ll wait until it’s all over to evaluate those decisions.

6:59 4th: The Hawkeyes give IU the ball back on a punt. The Hoosiers are less than seven minutes away from what would be one of the biggest wins for this program in almost 20 years, and the question on everyone’s lips is: How are they going to give this one back? How are they going to blow it? Maybe, just maybe, they won’t.

9:51 4th: James Hardy just caught touchdown number three on the day, and the Hoosiers lead 31-28. The last time an individual caught three touchdown passes in one game was Duane Gunn in 1983 against Minnesota. Hardy is now tied for fifth on the IU all-time touchdown receptions list with 14.

12:36 4th: Touchdown Hawkeyes. Iowa just ran through the Hoosiers, going 77 yards in 14 plays. We’ll see if the Hoosiers can bounce back from that momentum swing. Score Iowa 28, IU 24.

End of the 3rd Quarter: Indiana is ahead of Iowa going into the final quarter. The last time the Hoosiers beat a team ranked this high was October 10, 1987, when they won at No. 9 Ohio State 31-10. So far they’ve shown a commitment to the running game, Kellen Lewis has been poised in the pocket and quick when he scrambles, the defense has made some big plays…but really, Iowa has just flat out played terrible. They just keep making mistakes and as hard as they try, the Hoosiers just can’t let this one get away…yet.

The Hawkeyes are 10 of 14 on third down conversions, while IU is 3 of 9. The Hawkeyes have 359 total yards (172 rushing, 187 passing) to the Hoosiers’ 278 (95 rushing, 183 passing). IU has turned the ball over twice to Iowa’s one, and James Hardy has seven catches for 84 yards and two scores.

1:43 3rd: Somebody needs to get a fire extinguisher to Leslie Majors, stat. The kid is getting absolutely torched out there.

3:01 3rd: Touchdown Hoosiers. An 88-yard drive capped off by a 23-yard touchdown pass to James Hardy. The Hoosiers actually looked pretty good on that drive, and the press guys are starting to try to figure out what it would mean (historically) if this score, or any score with IU in front, holds up. IU 24, Iowa 21.

4:00 3rd: Now McCray is hurt. Injuries haven’t slowed the Hoosiers down too much this season, but as they move into the second half of the schedule, there’s little doubt they will have injuries to deal with. Sears is getting the snaps at running back.

6:45 3rd: Marcus Thigpen is on the trainer’s table with what appears to be a lower leg injury. Demetrius McCray is seeing his first real action since the Southern Illinois game. We’ll see how he holds up. For now, the Hoosiers are moving upfield, but they’re still down 21-17.

7:10 3rd: Peaches Thomas popped Iowa running back Damian Sims to force the ball loose, and Josh Bailey caught it. The Hoosiers have the ball, and they need to try to capitalize on yet another Iowa mistake.

14:56 left in the 3rd: That tricky west-north-westerly wind at Memorial Stadium is wreaking havoc today…not really, but the opening kickoff of the second half by Iowa did go out of bounds.

Halftime: The Hoosiers put together a 50-yard drive in the final 58 seconds of the half to set up Austin Starr for a 46-yard field goal, which he nailed. Iowa leads 21-17 at the half.
The Hoosiers have racked up 175 total yards in the half (52 rushing, 123 passing), while the Hawkeyes have 222 (87 rushing, 135 passing).

The play-calling improved quite a bit during the latter portion of the first half. The Hoosiers are lucky to still be in this game, with the turnovers, missed tackles, and blown coverages. But the Hawkeyes just keep responding to Hoosier miscues with mistakes of their own.

3:25 2nd: Touchdown Hoosiers. They’re back in it after a great catch by Andrew Means set up Kellen Lewis for a 2-yard scramble for the score. Iowa leads 21-14.

5:35 2nd: I would not want to be in that Iowa locker room at halftime. They have single-handedly kept IU within striking distance with mistake after mistake. The Hawkeyes just got off a 21-yard punt to give IU the ball at the Iowa 33.

7:02 2nd: The Hawkeyes have the ball, but they’re in very bad field position after a huge Beattie punt. We’ll have to see if that even matters against this IU defense.

7:52 2nd: This game is a circus. IU’s play-calling has been really questionable, the officiating has been even more questionable, and with all these delays, the game won’t end until sometime Sunday afternoon. But the Hoosiers are still within two scores, and they have the ball.

10:40 2nd: Touchdown Hawkeyes. Missed tackles are piling up for the Hoosiers. Things are starting to unravel, but a score here for the Hoosiers will keep the game within reach. For now they trail, 21-7.

End of the 1st Quarter: Some stats and observations: The Hoosiers’ woes at left cornerback continue. Majors, Phillips, and now Kleinsmith are just taking turns getting burned. The Hawkeyes have missed at least two scoring opportunities, so this game is a lot closer than it should be. IU has 75 total yards for the quarter (29 rushing, 46 passing). The Hawkeyes have 153 (38 rushing, 115 passing). The Hoosiers have turned the ball over twice, and the Hawkeyes are 4 for 6 on third downs.

:27 1st: Well, it doesn’t look like the Hoosiers want to hang around. Lewis fumbled the ball on the first play after the missed field goal, and the Hawkeyes recovered at the Indiana 12-yard line. Then Will Meyers dropped an interception, but a penalty moved the Hawkeyes back to the 19. But the Hawkeyes still scored on a corner route completion from Tate to Scott Chandler. IU trails 14-7.

1:53 1st: The Hawkeyes just missed their second field goal of the game. They’re letting the Hoosiers hang around. Also, after getting torched for a 45-yard completion, Leslie Majors has been pulled in favor of Kleinsmith at left cornerback.

4:20 1st: Touchdown Hoosiers. Lewis to Hardy for an 16-yard connection in the middle of the endzone. Tie ballgame 7-7. The Hawkeyes are only rushing three, and if they keep that up the Hoosiers will have a chance…cause they can block three defensive linemen. Start bringing four, and there could be a problem.

4:24 1st: Well it took half the season, but the Hoosiers’ offensive line has finally figured out how to block a three-man pass rush. We’ll see how much more progress they can make as the game goes on.

Also, the Hoosiers are at the Iowa 16 after a couple of gutsy calls. On third and eleven, they ran a draw to Sears for a one yard gain. But before everyone could get their jokes in about the play-calling, Lewis connected with Gilmore to convert on fourth down.

8:06 1st: Touchdown Iowa. The Hoosiers aren’t tackling very well, and the cornerbacks are giving Iowa’s receivers an eight to ten yard cushion on every play. IU trails 7-0. Side note: The IU student section is not very full. Where’s the support? All those “Hep Got Me” T-shirts, and they don’t even bother showing up.

10:17 1st: Something tells me Josiah Sears won’t be the unsung hero of this one. He just fumbled the ball right into the hands of an Iowa defender. The Hawkeyes have the ball at the Indiana 40.

12:52 1st: Iowa attempted a 51 yard field goal on 4th and four. Of course, with this west-north-westerly wind, the kick was short. IU takes over. Also, the Hoosiers are using sophomore Joe Kleinsmith in their nickle packages.

14:57 left in the 1st quarter: The opening kick went out of bounds. Iowa has the ball to start the game.

5 minutes until kickoff: Man the band looks good today. None of that UW stuff for these guys. They are all business. Also, the wind today is from the west-north-west, so we’ll have to see how that affects Austin Starr’s game.

12 minutes until kickoff: Some roster updates as told by the big screen inside the stadium: Adam McClurg will start at middle linebacker today, and Leslie Majors will start at cornerback in place of Chris Phillips. Kellen Lewis will make his third consecutive start at quarterback.
We’re here at the stadium on a beautiful sunny, albeit windy, day less than an hour before kickoff. The first news we have, for those fans who aren’t still basking in the glory of Hoosier Hysteria and the Eric Gordon commitment, is that true freshman Pete Saxon will start at left guard for the Hoosiers, replacing sophomore Bloomington North grad Kyle Thomas.

That means true freshmen will anchor the left side of the O-line today, with Saxon at guard and Rodger Saffold at tackle. We’ll see how they hold up against Iowa’s defensive front.


  1. good thing we glorified Josiah as a guy that has really made it big time….well welcome to big time football Josiah….HOLD ONTO THE DAMN BALL….these are pop werner mistakes!!!

  2. The officials are still holding up their title of worst in the nation! I probably wouldn’t have mattered…but they should start doing their job! He was clearly down at the 3 yard line by his knee

  3. Maybe we should just play all 11 guys at the line….we can’t cover anyone anyway….anyone agree?

  4. I hope hoeppner isn’t the one calling the plays…the play calling is horrible for the 6th straight week! They look so good on a drive and instead of sticking with what worked…they just run little dives…they need to take some chances

  5. how can these officials continue to make horrible calls and the big ten allow it?…..they need to start holding these officials accountable!!

  6. Great first half…score could be 17-7 IU without those fumbles…but hopefully they keep it up in the second half…last year they stayed close in the first half with some teams and then fell apart in the second! Go Hoosiers!!!

  7. I will never ever doubt IU again….they look like they are really coming together…even if they lose this game…..they have showed me a lot

  8. Great win for IU. Iowa must really be smacking themselves in the forehead right now.

    I dunno…I was excited about the game today, but darn it, I’m a beaten-down IU fan. I can’t get excited about this team without feeling guilty.

  9. Several weeks ago on here I said the Hoosiers will not win another game this year. My bad…….

    Maybe, just maybe, a start. Good luck to the Hoosiers the rest of the year. Also I loved the photo of the team on the front of the H-T this morning. Pure happiness, they deserve some……

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