IU-Michigan State Live Updates

GAME OVER: IU won the game 46-21.

5:42 4th: 13-yard touchdown pass to Brett Kahn made the score 46-21. It just doesn’t make sense that IU is still playing starters and MSU is still throwing the ball. Maybe the MSU part, that makes some sense in terms of pride, but IU should not be playing starters right now.

10:37 4th: Brett Kahn went in for a four yard touchdown run, and the Spartans have cut the lead to 32. IU leads 46-14. Too little, too late for the Spartans.

11:15 4th: MSU just picked up their first first down since the first quarter. IU still had all the starters on the field on their last drive, which ended in a Kellen Lewis fumble. There’s gotta be some concern here about guys getting hurt at the end of a blowout. We’ll see if Hoeppner starts bringing in more reserves as the quarter winds on. He’s got Emile Bass, Todd Newman, and Brian Faires in now on the D-line.

End of the third quarter: IU 46, MSU 7. The Hoosiers are trying to make sure this one is locked up and put away. MSU only put together 26 yards of offense in the third. The Hoosiers put up 132 yards and 16 points.

The Hoosiers have put together a total effort today, even better I would say than their game against Iowa. The defense has been solid, the offense has been spectacular, and the special teams has been solid. All they have to do is hold on (and avoid any injuries).
1:49 3rd: Tracy Porter stripped MSU’s Terry Love on the punt return, and the ball went out of the endzone for a safety. IU leads 46-7. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this lead is safe.

3:05 3rd: The Hoosiers may have just put the nail in the coffin. Will Meyers picked off a Drew Stanton pass on third and 11 and the Hoosiers have the ball with a 37-point lead. If anyone’s looking for a new coach to put together an undisciplined, underachieving team, John L. Smith should be available very soon.

3:57 3rd: Hoeppner is still in attack mode. A 55-yard strike to Jahkeen Gilmore put the Hoosiers at the MSU 13. Then Lewis found Hardy around the 3-yard line, and he spun and dove into the endzone for six. IU leads 44-7. The touchdown by Hardy was his fourth today, a school record for touchdown catches in a game. It was Lewis’ 5th TD pass today.

8:20 3rd: Lewis scrambled up the middle of the field, broke two tackles and scored on a 26-yard touchdown run. IU leads 37-7. But it still ain’t over, folks. Just remember, 38-3 MSU trailing at this point last week against Northwestern.

10:06 3rd: The Hoosiers couldn’t put anything together on their first offensive possession, but the defense held MSU and IU got the ball back. First and 10 Hoosiers at the MSU 32 after a short punt. Now we’ll see if Hoeppner continues to bleed the clock with unsuccessful running play, or if he’ll go for the jugular and keep attacking the Spartans.

The second half kick is off: The Hoosiers have the ball at their own 20.

HALFTIME: IU leads Michigan State 30-7. MSU is playing as bad a football game as they possibly could have. The Hoosiers are playing pretty well, but they’re catching a lot of breaks too.

Since the opening drive of the game, when the Spartans went 80 yards, the Hoosiers have held them to just 35 yards of offense. The Spartans officially have 8 penalties for 75 yards, while IU has 3 for 30. James Hardy has three touchdown catches, Lewis has four touchdown passes and he’s also carried the ball 9 times for 46 yards.

The Spartans are have only converted one first down in eight tries so far, and they have one turnover so far. Last week, the Spartans trailed Northwestern 38-3 in the middle of the third quarter and came back to win the game, so this one is not over.

:07 2nd: Touchdown Hoosiers. IU extended the lead to 23 when Lewis connected with James Hardy for his third touchdown catch today. Starr missed the extra point. Michigan State might not come out of the locker room after halftime. Then again, they might come out and make a game of it. Who knows?

:20 2nd: Caulcrick fumbled the ball, the Hoosiers recovered, and they’ll have another chance to put up some points before the half. Wow, this Michigan State team is unbelievable. Really, absolutely unbelievable. They blew a double-digit lead against Notre Dame, and now they trail the Hoosiers by 17.

:44 2nd: Lewis to Hardy for the touchdown. IU got another score before the half to extend the lead to 24-7. Lewis has looked good, but the Spartans are still showing single-coverage against Hardy, and they are paying for it every time. The Hoosiers will get the ball to start the second half, too. My guess is that MSU will start the comeback with eight minutes to play in the third quarter, trailing 31-7. For now though, the Hoosiers lead 24-7.

1:26 2nd: The Hoosiers are at the MSU 19-yard line going in. They could extend their lead going into the half. Nothing about this game has been sharp, but the Hoosiers still lead. By the way, Illinois leads Wisconsin 21-10 at half. What a Big Ten season!

2:20 2nd: The Hoosiers came up with a huge stop on fourth and short. Grosfield forced the play back inside and McClurg leveled MSU’s Jimmerson for a loss on the play. Really sound defense by IU. Crowd note: still not up to 50,000, but a good IU crowd.

5:40 2nd: The Hoosiers have the ball, but they shouldn’t. Tracy Porter returned the MSU punt 83 yards for a touchdown, but it was called back to the IU 15 on a phantom block in the back penalty against Josiah Sears. Seriously, nobody in the press box could see a penalty on the play.

7:58 2nd: Back to back big plays and the Hoosiers lead 17-7. Lewis had a great 26-yard run on an option play that broke down, then the Spartans spotted IU 15 yards with a facemask at the end of the run. On the next play, Thigpen snuck out of the backfield and sprinted all alone toward the endzone, where Lewis lofted the ball to him for a 33-yard touchdown pass.

Michigan State is using their Northwestern gameplan. They won’t start competing until a) they’re down by at least three touchdowns and b) there is less than one half to play. The unofficial tally now is six MSU penalties for 93 yards.
10:38 2nd: Not much excitement here in the second quarter. MSU just had a 30-yard punt return negated by another penalty. By our unofficial tally, the Spartans are getting close to the century mark for penalty yards. IU still leads 10-7.


End of the 1st Quarter: The Hoosiers lead 10-7, but both teams have made mistakes early. It’s just that neither team can capitalize on the other’s mistakes. The Spartans have been penalized too much (4-35 yards), but the Hoosiers have missed tackles and both teams have called some questionable plays.

Things have been a little chippy here too. Players on both sides have been shoving and getting in each other’s face after the whistle. So far, there has been a personal foul called on each team. It’s pretty early, so we’ll have to see how it develops. It could get ugly.

The crowd welcomed the IU basketball team to a warm round of applause at the goaline during the break. The crowd here still doesn’t look like 50,000, with sizable bare spots in all four upper corners of the stands. It does, however, appear to be growing as the game goes on.

2:16 1st: Lewis hit a wide-open James Hardy over the top for a 30-yard touchdown pass. That’s the play they should have been running all year. Hardy is now tied for 4th all-time for career touchdown catches at IU. On a secondary note, the Hoosiers are missing tackles all over the place. It will be hard to win with tackling like that. Score IU 10, MSU 7

5:44 1st: The IU basketball team entered the stadium, and they appeared to be defending the rock. That is, they stood around behind the north endzone for a few minutes before moving back up against the west edge of the stands.

6:18 1st: Austin Starr’s 34-yard field goal made it 7-3, Spartans. Too many running plays on that drive. Hardy actually saw some single coverage, but they only got the ball to him once. That’s not enough touches for the most talented player on the team.

11:08 1st: The Spartans are out to a 7-0 lead after a 38-yard screen pass from Drew Stanton to Devin Thomas. The Hoosiers could have used a better spot on a fourth down play from the IU 46. Houser was shouting (not because he was really upset, but because he had head phones on) about how the run was a yard short, but the refs gave the Spartans an extra two feet and they converted, easily.

14:09 left in the 1st: The Spartans are moving the ball here, but if Devin Thomas had not stepped out of bounds, the first play of the game would have been an 80-yard touchdown pass.

The kick is off: Michigan State has the ball and the battle for the Old Brass Spittoon is underway.


Apparently coach Hoeppner is scheduled to sing with Beach Boys tonight. Hopefully that performance will be better than the Chevy commercial John Melloncamp has become. Well, at least some of the fans in the stands were into it (Melloncamp’s pregame performance).

Some pregame roster updates: Chris Phillips will get the start over Leslie Majors at cornerback and Troy Grosfield will get the start at safety over Austin Thomas. MSU will start A.J. Jimmerson over Jehuu Caulcrick at running back, so that could impact how succesful they are in the running game.

About thirty minutes until kickoff here, and the parking lots look about as full as ever. The traffic has been slow on the streets around the stadium for better than an hour. But is 50,000 a possibility? The answer has gone from a roaring fit of laughter, to a chuckle, to a mere smirk.

That’s a lot of people, but even if they don’t get there, the indications from the traffic and the parking lots are that the Hoosiers are becoming a draw. Of course, the trouble isn’t getting fans into the lots, it’s getting them into the stadium. For that, we’ll have to wait.


The parking lots are filling up just over an hour before kickoff, a good sign that more than the usual number of Hoosier fans will be rockin’ the rock. The weather looks good so far, but there’s a whipping wind here inside the stadium that could have an effect on both teams.

Along with the kicking game, the wind could pose a challenge for two offenses that rely pretty heavily on throwing the football. Still, it’s a beautiful day for a ballgame.


  1. We’re gonna call it 40,000 at best right now, but there are still people coming in. It’s a good crowd for the Hoosiers, but not quite 50,000…yet. Thanks for the question.

  2. From up here, we never saw the crowd get up to 50,000. We’ll have the official number of tickets sold later, but for now, they didn’t fill it up. Big crowd, it probably topped out around 45,000 at some point, but never 50,000.

  3. Great win for the Hoosiers. Nice to see Kellen & Hardy find some rhythm.

    Did MSU stay with single coverage on Hardy all day long? Hmm.


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