Join us today…we’ll keep it lively

We’ve arrived here in Champaign, which on this day happens to be the brightest place in the entire world. I wish I was kidding or being my usual saracastic self. The sun is blinding from our perch in the press box above Zuppke Field (typing that name is a hell of a lot of fun, by the way.)

We’ve got an hour and a half until game time, and we’re waiting for the Hoosiers to take the field for warmups so we can update you on a few injuries.

In the meanwhile, feel free to make a prediction for today. Two loyal fans already did so on the McClurg post. One even picked the Hoosiers in a big way.

As for me, I’ll go with a close game that ends on a last-minute drive orchestrated by Illinois freshman Juice Williams. Final score 24-21