Ranking the Hooooosiers….

We ran this in the paper today and I thought it would spark some debate. Check it out.


National magazines rank IU basketball We see you strutting into Borders bookstore acting as if you’re going to go read Bob Woodward’s new book or perhaps brush up on your Shakespeare. And we also know you’re really just going in and looking at the college basketball preview magazines to see where they ranked Indiana.So we did the work for you. Leaves you more time for those important pursuits.  


Big Ten: 7th

Nationally: Predicts an NIT appearance

Notes: Names D.J. White Best Defensive Player in the Big Ten and puts him on the first team. White is also on the honorable mention all-American team. Rod Wilmont is on the All-Big Ten third team. Ranks Indiana’s class of newcomers the sixth best in the conference.


CBS SportsLine.com magazine

Big Ten: 6th

Nationally: 51st

Notes: Picks D.J. White as a first-team all-conference forward.



Big Ten: 4th

Nationally: Not ranked in top 40. Does pick Indiana to get at at-large bid to the tournament.

Notes: Ranks D.J. White as the sixth-best power forward in the country, and names him to their all-conference first team.


Sporting News

Big Ten: 3rd

Nationally: Has the Hoosiers earning a bid to the NCAA tournament.

Notes: Names D.J. White the No. 1 power forward in the country and puts him on the all-conference first team. Ranks Lance Stemler at No. 4 on their “Top 10 impact newcomers” list.


Street & Smith’s

Big Ten: 3rd

Nationally: Not ranked in top 25

Notes: Places D.J. White on its “Rehab All-Americans” list and first-team Big Ten squad.


So, what do you guys think?

Rank the Hoosiers. In the nation. In the Big Ten.

And predict a few individual honors.





  1. Indiana tied for first in the Big Ten. Overall ranking in the country #13. DJ White Big Ten player of the year and second team All-American. Earl Calloway second team all-Big Ten.

  2. Hard to know at this point since we have a new coach, new system, and we haven’t seen them play. But based on their potential, I’d start Indiana at around #22 in the country and finish in the top four in the Big Ten.

    DJ White first team Big Ten, third team All-American. Wilmont and Calloway second team Big Ten. Mike White & AJ Ratliff Big Ten Honorable Mention.

  3. Weren’t we ranked #8 at one point last year (before DJ broke his foot again)? Be great if we could match that during the season!

  4. It’ll be tough to reach that ranking due to the impossible non-conference schedule this season.

    I always thought that #8 was way high even with DJ playing, and last season sort of proved that right. This year we’re also without two of our biggest outside shooting threats in Vaden and Strickland.

    If the Whites become the inside presence that we hope they are, Ben Allen decides to actually become an inside presence, and Wilmont, Ratliff, and Calloway find their range, I think IU could settle into a nice spot consistently in the #12-18 area, nationally.

    I’m thinking realistically, here. I’d love to see them overachieve, get a top-ten ranking and compete for a Big Ten title. I don’t think a NCAA tournament berth and a low-top 25 ranking is out of the range of possibility, though. Frankly, I don’t think we’ll have any Big Ten teams consistently in the top ten this year, since the league will do what it always does and beat itself up during the conference season. When you have 4-5 teams that consistently slug it out during the regular season (as opposed to 1-2 teams that are the cream of the crop like in the ACC or Big 12) it hurts the individual team rankings but makes them much tougher in the NCAA tournament.

  5. I think most of the prognosticators had a “duh” moment and thought M. Davis was still coaching the team. A healthy DJ White and this team finishes no worse than 3rd in the Big-10 and are ranked in the 10-13 range nationally. DJ is Big-Ten player of the year and Wilmont is the defensive player of the year. Better team rebounding and defense will be catalyst for a better offense.

  6. Just want Doug and Chris to know that I’m enjoying this blog and the Wed discussions! But Chris, sounds like you’re giving up on the Flyers!! Are you becoming a midwest guy? Has basketball creeped into your heart?

  7. 3rd in big ten. 6th-8th seed in tourney

    DJ White All big ten first team, All American honorable mention.

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