Some Indiana basketball notes

Ben Allen, Joey Shaw, D.J. White and Mike White talked with members of the media today at Assembly Hall. Here are a few notes from their comments:

Allen said he has gained almost 30 pounds through lifting weights and weighs 262. He has been practicing against D.J. White and expects to play more of an inside game this year, although he said he still also anticipates taking some 3-pointers. “I think down in the box is going to be my home,” he said.

D.J. White, wearing a fuzzy beard that he intends to keep, said he’s up about 15 pounds to 260. White covered much of the same ground we’ve been hearing about offseason workouts being more difficult this year. He said that what fans should expect from Kelvin Sampson is intensity and enthusiasm for the game, and teams that emphasize defense and rebounding.

White was asked to compare JUCO transfer Mike White to another player and he chose Charles Barkley, saying that Mike White obviously isn’t the scorer Barkley was, but is a strong rebounder who jumps well.

Mike White, who looks like he lives in the weight room, said Sampson brought him into his office one day and told him the reason he brought Mike to Bloomington was to add toughness and rebounding to the team.

Mike White also said he’s never played in front of a crowd of more than 5,000. He said he’s feeling excited about being in front of the home crowd for the first time Friday night, but also feeling pressure because he wants to raise his game this season in playing against a higher level of competition.

Joey Shaw, who arrived in Bloomington last year at a remarkably thin 170 pounds, said he’s up to 195 after his redshirt season. Shaw said he and other players don’t know exactly what to expect with the start of practice under Sampson. Smiling, he said he has “a little fear, a lot of curiosity.” Shaw expects to compete in the 3-point contest and the dunk contest Friday night.


  1. I think Shaw does look 195ish, but that’s still pretty thin for a guy who’s 6-6. By comparison, A.J. Ratliff is listed at 6-3, 188 and A.J. isn’t exactly stout. And by the way, A.J. was listed at 6-2 last year so apparently they’re also doing a nice job in the offseason of making the players taller.

  2. I am anxious to see who is going to be the post distributor on this team. Although under Mike Davis, one of the things that made the 2002 team special was JJ’s ability to distribute as well as score. This team will struggle unless players such as DJ White, Ben Allen and Mike White are decent to proficient at identifying defenses and open teammates–the mental aspect of the game. I have no doubt Allen has the physical skills to make him a good B10 player, and we know about DJ, but it’s the mental side of the game I want to see how Sampson is at developing that in his kids.

  3. I keep hearing from my sources that the Indiana hoosiers are gonna be good this year and might add a player or two for the fall signing period……….you heard it here first!!!

  4. I keep speculating for no reason whatsoever, but for some odd reason I put IU #7 in my preseason Big Ten standings. Man, I think I made a big mistake.

  5. I keep hearing that my orange sports coat is up for the E fashion awards. I’m excited about that, and take a lot of pride in my wardrobe, especially my precious bright orange sports coat. The Illinios Fighting Illini love me, they even call me BAM BAM BIGALO. I’m excited about that and take a lot of pride in that also.

  6. u heard it here first IU will take the big ten crown with EASE. who will match them OSU? i think not greg oden is too soft for the big for IU to be in the top ten within their first 6 games!!!!!

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