The Decision….Gordon picks Indiana

Eric Gordon Sr. spent most of the day Friday speaking with reporters. Four TV stations called, 15 print reporters, a handful of .com guys…he’s had little time do anything other than deal with “The Decision.”

But the early reports are true: Eric Gordon Jr., one of the best high school seniors in the country, will play for Indiana next season. He spoke with Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson — whose hiring stoked Gordon’s interest in the team he rooted for as a kid — Friday morning. 

No other official announcement is planned. The Gordons will travel to Bloomington tonight and watch Midnight Madness. Then, the family hopes, Eric will be able to return to Indianapolis and concentrate on his senior year at North Central High School.

Friday’s announcement ends months of speculation, but didn’t come easily.

“He told (North Central basketball coach) Doug Mitchell earlier this week, ‘I know where I want to go. I want to go to IU.'” Gordon Sr. said. “But coach told him, ‘Hold on, hold on. Last week you wanted Illinois. Week before it was Indiana. Let’s see if it lasts.'”

By Thursday night, the younger Gordon was sure. He called Bruce Weber and told him he wouldn’t honor his original verbal to the Illini.

“I think it was tough for both of them,” Gordon Sr. said. “They had built a relationship. But E.J. just had to do what was best for him. That’s part of becoming a man, of going from a kid to a grown-up. You make tough decisions.”

Making this decision wore on Eric Gordon, Jr., his father said. He was easily influenced on his visits and found both big-time basketball schools enticing. He constantly wavered and turned to relatives for advice.

“He listened to his family a lot,” Gordon Sr. said. “I talked to him, and my father talked to him. He’s close to both of us. But we couldn’t tell him what to do. We just gave him the facts, the pros and cons for both. Besides, my opinion kept changing, too. I’d go to a school and think, ‘Man, this place is great. It’s the one for you.’ But then we’d go visit the other school, and I’d rethink it, too.”

“But in many ways Indiana was the easier choice,” Gordon Sr. said. “It offered the path of least resistance. It’s closer to home. So many North Central grads go there, so he’ll have plenty of friends in school and on the basketball team (current guard A.J. Ratliff is a North Central grad). Now, he can just work on his senior year and all his goals and when that is over, he can just drive 45 or 50 minutes down the road and be on to his college career.”


  1. I would like to thank coach sampson for working so hard to land gordon and i would like to encourage him to try to land gordon’s buddy, derrick rose.

  2. Ron, sounds like a good plan… I believe he should have a few more job openings somewhere on the IU basketball payroll for Derrick’s coaches and friends. Heck, when EJ hits the trail after one or two years, there will be a number of job openings. Can you say NCAA loophole?

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