Tickets sold so far . . . drum roll please

IU’s ticket sales for Saturday’s football game are in the mid to upper-30,000s as of Thursday afternoon, assistant athletic director Frank Cuervo said.

Cuervo said IU is preparing for a large number of tickets sold Saturday, as many as eight to 10 thousand, because attending a game is a game-day decision for a large part of IU’s fan base. He warned fans to get to the game early to avoid lines in buying tickets and getting into the game.

Cuervo said the goal of 50,000 fans that coach Terry Hoeppner set last week is still IU’s target, but even if that goal isn’t met, the Hoosier program will take a necessary step by not settling for its typical crowd of roughly 30,000.

“It’s about more than the math of reaching 50,000,” Cuervo said. “It’s about raising the standard of what to expect. Whether or not we get to 50,000, that is the standard and that is what we expect.”


  1. I would love to attend the game and take my son, but as a single mother, I bearly make ends meet. You would think that as a staff member we would get discounted tickets, but nooo……HOW SAD! It’s ok to give the students discounted tickets, but god forbid they discount tickets to the people who help keep the university running! So funny that they want a larger crowd, yet it is so unaffordable.

    Coach Hep….Best of luck to you. I would love to be there, but IU makes it darn near impossible.

  2. We went to a game last year, and ordered tickets two days prior to the game via the telephone. I picked them up at the ticket office the next day and had to pay a “convenience” fee (What convenience? I still had to pick them up!) Plus, when we got to the stadium IU wanted $10 to park in the gravel lot. We chose to park at the church across the street for $5.

    If IU wants more fans, don’t gouge them with high fees. We just watch on TV or listen on the radio now.

  3. As a student I attended every home game, the season ticket price was excellent for students even for horrible losing seasons. As an alum and townie, it’s just too expensive. It’s just not worth $37 for one ticket. Give us some more options/cheaper tickets. The 4 for $88 is a good start.

  4. What happened to the old days when you could afford to take your children to a game. IU now charges the same rate for children as they do adults. I remember going to the games with my parents and sitting in the end zones with discounted tickets. I had 3 brothers. It would have been dificult for my parents to pay for 6 full price tickets to attend a football game. We all graduated from IU. I wonder if we would have ever been introduced to IU if it hadn’t been for the discounted tickets? Maybe IU should contact there own business school and find out if it makes since to charge such high rates for something not in demand?

  5. Lower ticket prices until the place sells out regularly and then start to raise prices. Supply and Demand. Is it that difficult? I will pay $10 to see IU Football, I will not pay $50. Have the prime seats that are regularly sold at normal prices, but then offer the cheap seats for CHEAP prices. The place will be full, everyone will have fun. I think Mellencamp mentioned this in a letter to the editor a few years ago comparing it to selling out a concert. If he and Hep are such good friends he should give him some advice on getting 50,000 in the stadium. People from Indy aren’t going to drive for so-so football, but if the place is full and exciting they will think they are missing something and make the drive… a necessity if the Rock is to be sold out on a regular basis. I guarantee Michigan sells tickets outside of Ann Arbor.

  6. It sounds to me like they are admiting that they will not have 50,000. TThey should send an e-mail to all IU staff offering up to 4 tickets for $10 each, the place would be sold out and fun. I bet they could move 5,000 to 10,000 tickets that way. Sell them over a web site and have them at will call. IU could do it if they really wanted people in the stands.

  7. About expensive tickets, they either don’t care, or are delusional. About 88.00 dollar deal, those are end zone seats!

  8. Looks like they had a pretty good turn out Saturday. Still the best and least expensive seats were in my home on my couch watching the game on Channel 4.

    I imagine they would sell a few more if they lower the prices to AFFORDABLE. And to think…..they want to make that stadium bigger???? WHAT A JOKE!

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