Wednesday Q & A, 11 a.m. …

As usual, Doug and I will be online tomorrow at about 11 a.m. — or whenever the Starbucks has given us enough energy so we can pretend to be intelligent — to answer all your questions.

Wow. There’s a lot to talk about. Indiana football is worth watching again, and head coach Terry Hoeppner’s has challenged you to do so. The Hoosiers are practicing basketball and signing top-flight recruits. The fall sports season is winding down and Indiana has a chance to do well in men’s and women’s soccer and field hockey.

So join us, please. If nothing else, it will offer a nice little break to your work day. And you won’t get stuck talking to that annoying guy at the water cooler. Seriously, he must just wait there for somebody to ambush. Gees.

Anyway, click the links below to join us.

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Hope to see you then.