Final score: Indiana 1, Wisconsin 0

12:13 left: Lee Hagedorn, a reserve forward who has seen significant time this game, just put Indiana on top. A throw in skip and slid into the box and Hagedorn was able to get a foot on it as he fell on his butt. 


Have you ever seen the rain? It’s coming down in torrents here. I mean, it’s really pouring. Seriously, it’s coming down in huge drops. But they’re still playing soccer.

It looks like the players are having trouble finishing. With a wet ball and soaked shoes it’s probably tough to make a shot go where you want it to go. Most of Indiana’s shots have been wide.

The Hoosiers don’t want a tie. Unlike Wisconsin,  a tie knocks Indiana out of the regular season title picture.  


End of First Half: Indiana’s initial energy teetered out and the second part of the first half was played mostly in the middle third of the field. Once again the Hoosiers are holding the bell well enought but not getting it into a position to take effective shots. The wet field has kept the ball toward the center of the field. Neither team is trying to make deep runs down the side of the field, and there’s only been one corner kick so far. 


Indiana has dominated play through the first 15 minutes and holds a 3-1 shot advantage. Senior John Michael Hayden had the best chance, taking a feed from Kevin Robson, another senior, and spinning about 8-yards from the goal line before taking a shot. Jake Settle slid over to make the save. 


Fittingly enough, Julian Dieterle will start on senior day for an injured Greg Stevning. All four seniors were acknowledged before the game and received a nice applause from the sparse crowd.

The rain has stopped but the field here is pretty beat up. We’ll probably see a lot of straight-ahead play today.