Allen out with mono

Indiana center Ben Allen has been diagnosed with mononucleosis and will be out of the lineup Sunday.

Head coach Kelvin Sampson said he did not know how long Allen would be out.

Athletes with mono typically miss at least two weeks. Besides the fatigue and cold symptoms related with mono, the virus causes the spleen to enlarge. That makes it more easily damaged by even moderate physical activity.

Allen, a 6-11 sophomore, did not play against Kentucky and sat most of Indiana’s home game on Dec. 6 against Western Illinois.


  1. The game vs Southern Illinois Sunday night is on ESPN HD. Just thought I’d let you know. You guys have it on WTTV 4 in some of the recent articles. Thanks!

  2. I need to rant a little. I think our starting lineup should be White, Wilmont, Stemler, Suhr and Basset. Let them play 10-12 minutes, give them a blow with AJ, Calloway and Shaw as a unit for 5 minutes and then back in.

    Also, I’m sure the talk of DJ going to the NBA wiil heat up soon.
    The best thing these young men can do for themselves is to get their education and keep their game at IU. They will be remembered forever…. Or they can leave early and be forgotten like Kirk Hasting, who missed a FINAL 4, or Bracy Who.

    I’m out….

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