Indiana 71, Ball State 57 (Final)

That’s a wrap. As always, thanks for joining us.


7:19, second half: Indiana 60, Ball State 42

Ratliff’s wrist is on ice and it looks like he’ll sit the rest of the game. We’ll try to get an update later.

Meanwhile, the game is still about as thrilling as C-SPAN.


12:27, second half: Indiana 41, Ball State 28

A toast to Rod Wilmont for keeping it exciting. He just took a dish from Calloway on a 2-on-1 and finished while getting fouled. He then rolled and did a little flip on the floor.

As you may have noticed, Ball State has quit scoring.


18:44, second half: Indiana 36, Ball State 24

It’s been pretty sloppy for the last several minutes of this game. Ball is on the floor constantly and so are the players after it. Earl Calloway just had the ball tipped away and had to dive on it and call time out.

Kelvin Sampson has apparently shortened his bench. Three players who saw plenty of time earlier this season — Joey Shaw, Mike White and Ben Allen — are still in their warmups.


3:41, first half: Indiana 28, Ball State 22

Six-point run for the Hoosiers off two 3-pointers. First, Bassett swung the ball over the Calloway for an open 3 and then Bassett did it himself. He juked near the right top of the arc, sending his defender sliding backwards and then spotted up and hit the shot.


6:35, first half: Indiana 22, Ball State 22

Lots of runs in this one. The Hoosiers just used one to create a small lead before Ball State capitalized on a drive to the lane and a fast-break play to tie it up.


11:35, first half: Ball State 16, Indiana 13

The Cardinals used a 11-3 run to pull out to a lead before Indiana freshman Armon Bassett scooted baseline and hit a layup from under the basket.


15:40, first half: Indiana 8, Ball State 7

Indiana is trying to use the 3-point shot to disable Ball State’s 2-3 zone. They’re just kicking right out near the top of the key and letting fly. Ratliff has missed a few and Stemler missed one, too. Wilmont has hit and White opened the game with a thunderous dunk.


The Cardinals only have one starter taller than 6-3. AP writer Mike Marot just pointed that out, and it’s a striking sight on the floor.


Starters for Indiana:

Earl Calloway, A.J. Ratliff (yes, A.J. Ratliff), Rod Wilmont, Lance Stemler and D.J. White.

This looks like it’s going to be a pretty consistent set lineup for the Hoosiers.


So, what’s A.J. Ratliff’s punishment for missing those practices? Sit out a half? An entire game?


Before you pop open the bubbly and celebrate another new year and the chances for improvement (and failure) that it brings, join us here for one last live blog.


  1. There’s a considerably better crowd here tonight than we’ve seen the past couple of home games. The balconies are probably close to 3/4 full after being almost completely empty against Southern Illinois and Western Michigan.

  2. During a time out with 15:26 left, trainers are looking at A.J. Ratliff’s left wrist that he hurt a couple of minutes ago, forcing him to leave the game after he fell to floor, landing with his arm under him.

    Xavier Keeling, getting up for the huddle for the timeout, looked like his ankle had been taped at halftime, but he was walking OK.

  3. Keeling back in the game and his ankle is fine. He just grabbed an offensive rebound, put the ball in the basket and was fouled. He miss the free throw, leaving Indiana ahead 49-28 with 12:40 left.

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