Benched: Holman’s appeal denied

According to a report this morning in the San Francisco Chronicle, Indiana basketball recruit Eli Holman has had his appeal denied by the California Interscholastic Federation.

Holman was originally suspended 18 months from his basketball team for pushing a official after receiving a technical foul in a Dec. 3, 2005 game. Holman and his family appealed the suspension, hoping he would be able to regain his eligbility to play his senior season, but that motion was denied.

“He received the letter from the CIF on Saturday,” Richomond coach Roy Rogers told the Chronicle. “We”re in the process with the family to form some sort of an appeal,though at this point, we don’t know what it is.”

The Chronicle also reported that CIF executive director Marie Ishida said there would be no more appeals.

The 6-foot-9 center will now sit out his entire senior year before joining the Indiana Hoosiers in June.


  1. I will be very interested to hear Sampson’s response, and to hear what, if any, alternative training, development and playing will be availble to Holman. If we still view him as a quality prospect, he would fill an area of need.

  2. I can remember when we didnt take these kinda kids. But I dont know all of the facts. Hopefully this is a kid who made a mistake and needs another chance. But I dont understand this type of behavior. Thanks….Chuck Taylor

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