Charlotte vs. Indiana, Live Updates

Final: Indiana 74, Charlotte 57

A.J. Ratliff finishes with 18 points on his 21st birthday and the Hoosiers glide to an easy win against a talented team that hasn’t yet come together.

What do you guys think? Can Ratliff become a scorer or will he continue to be inconsistent?

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6:54, second half: Indiana 59, Charlotte 44

More three pointers. Armon Bassett and Earl Calloway just hit from deep to give the Hoosiers a comfortable lead.


15:41, second half: Indiana 40, Charlotte 34

De’Angelo Alexander just got free for a 3-pointer. This really irked Kelvin Sampson, who once coached Alexander at Oklahoma. He knows the kid will take over this game if he team doesn’t play tougher defense.


43.8, first half: Indiana 36, Charlotte 25

That surge of offense from Ratliff has given the Hoosiers some room to work with.

Lance Stemler has looked a bit rusty. He’s had two chance near the rim not fall and missed the one 3-pointer he took.


3:42, first half: Indiana 32, Charlotte 21

A.J. Ratliff has 16 points. He’s 4-of-7 from behind the 3-point line. Somebody got the message his coach was sending.


5:15, first half: Indiana 29, Charlotte 21

D.J. White is back in. A.J. Ratliff is playing well. And Lance Stemler just took the court for the first time since suffering a concussion last week. Things are looking up for the Hoosiers.


6:46, first half: Indiana 24, Charlotte 18

Quick swing. A.J. Ratliff came off that time out and hit two 3-pointers — one banked off the glass — to give Indiana the lead.


7:47, first half: Indiana 18, Charlotte 18

Mike White just scored from inside to tie the game.

More importantly, as he was doing it D.J. White was limping slowly up the court.

D.J. had made a nice defensive play but came down awkwardly on his ankle. It looked very similar to the time earlier this year when he left the game with an ankle injury. He stayed on the ground for a few seconds and reached for his ankle before getting up to walk to the sideline.


11:04, first half: Charlotte 15, Indiana 13

Ratliff and Wilmont are on the floor now. Wilmont has taken two deep, deep 3-pointers and missed, while Ratliff hit a short jumper to help Indiana close the gap.


Have the Hoosiers come out looking ready to play at all this year?

They’re down 8-3 after four minutes and have turned the ball over four straight times. De’Angelo Alexander picked off a pass and went in alone for a slam dunk in front of his former coach, Kelvin Sampson.

Charlotte’s playing a pressure zone defense and causing Indiana all sorts of problems. No one is willing to drive the lane. Sampson keeps yelling, “Movement, movement.”


Starting tonight: Joey Shaw, Errek Suhr, Armon Bassett, Ben Allen and D.J. White.

Pretty empty here at Assembly Hall. Maybe the chill is keeping the faithful away. Maybe they’re just still on their way in.

Anyway, no update on Stemler. He’s in uniform and is warming up but that was the case against Duke, too, and he didn’t play.

No official word on the starting line-up either. We should hear something in a few minutes.


  1. What’s up with the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts sign at Assembly Hall? Isn’t that Bob Knight’s big sponsor?

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