Hold-up on Holman?

No news may be bad news when it comes to IU basketball recruit Eli Holman.

Holman, a 6-foot-9 recruit who played for Richmond High School, was suspended 18 months for pushing an official on Dec. 3, 2005

Since then, Holman has appealed his suspension hoping his sentence would be reduced and he would be given permission to play for Richmond this season.

On November 10, Richmond assistant coach Lonnie Coleman told the Hoosier Scoop that “all things pointed towards reinstatement.”

Since then, no word has come whether Holman’s suspension will or will not be reduced. It was thought that word would come before Richmond’s first game of the season.

But that deadline passed on Saturday, when in the Jeremy Jack Invitational Richmond defeated Salesian, 61-60.

Fast forward exactly one year from the night Holman pushed the referee, and the Hoosier recruit in the class of 2007 still finds himself suspended.


  1. I understand disciplining the kid. But we don’t even excessively punish prisoners in this culture (I should know I work in a state prision). But we are going to take a kid, who makes one mistake and say you can’t play again. That is absurd. If he was a freshman playing in his first game, the discipline would have been the same. Whatever happened to progressive discipline? If his punishment sticks, the school district needs to fire any teacher who has a student who doesn’t graduate. Why stop there? Fire the administration as well.

  2. I’m sure he can’t wait to get away from California after this incident/suspension. Let’s hope he has a chip on his shoulder when he arrives to Bloomington. This suspension is ridiculous. I can’t believe no one is sticking up for this kid. Granted its unfortunate with what transpired with the referee, however the suspension is more than what Artest got and hes an adult.

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