Final score: Indiana 57, Southern Illinois 47

With 1:43 left, the Hoosiers appear to have the game under control with a 57-45 lead. Wilmont has had a big second half after struggling in the first half and Ratliff has had one of his better games. D.J. has only eight points, but just scored on a breakaway dunk. Just like the Kentucky game, the Hoosiers haven’t shot well, but their defense and improved ball handling kept them in the game. This time, though, they’re going to win.
This is the most excited we’ve seen Sampson this season. He was jumping up and down and waving his fist after D.J. White stole and pass and Wilmont scored on a fastbreak to take a double-digit lead at 49-39.
Wilmont just hit a 3 from the corner to give the Hoosiers their largest lead at 45-39 with 5:50 left. Indiana has the momentum. Timeout Southern Illinois.
Keeling just dove over a little kid to save a ball. That boy is lucky to be conscious. But he’s laughing about it now.
Ratliff just had a 3 roll out and then back in to tie the game at 35. The crowd and Sampson are fired up now following Bassett taking a charging foul to give the Hoosiers the ball back.
Indiana is killing itself at the line, hitting three of its last 10 attempts. The crowd gave A.J. Ratliff a big mock cheer a minute ago when he hit one. Then he missed the next one.
The Hoosiers have just missed four straight free throws, two by D.J. and two by A.J. They obviously can’t keep doing that in a defense dominated game like this and win. They’re trailing 30-28 with 13:30 left.
D.J. has a couple of aggressive rebounds early this half. Think he might have heard something at halftime about having just one rebound?
Calloway was playing tight on Tatum to the point of it possibly being a foul, but Tatum still found some space and hit a little bank shot to give SIU a 30-25 lead. The Hoosiers are making too many turnovers to start the half. D.J. White was just called for traveling and Sampson apparently didn’t agree. He showed some hops as he jumped up in anger.
D.J. White played all 20 minutes of the first half, but has just one rebound and four points. Indiana outrebounded 13-11. Armon Bassett starting the second half after playing just six minutes in the first half.
SIU ahead 23-22 at half. The Hoosiers have just six field goals, but are staying close because they’ve taken 11 fouls shots and are winning the turnover battle 10-5.
Saluki guard Jamaal Tatum is quick and can shoot. He just faked out Calloway for a little fadeaway that gave him a game-high 11 points. The score is tied at 19 with 1:30 on the clock.
With 3:55 before halftime, it’s 16-15 Indiana. This is looking like neither team may reach 50 in the game. After a supposed breakout game against Kentucky, D.J. White has been shut down. He has two points. Ratliff is Indiana’s leader with six on two 3-pointers. Stemler, after his struggles against Kentucky, has been shut out.
Indiana is 4-of-12 from the field. Southern Illinois is 6-of-13. The Salukis have hurt themselves with eight turnovers in the first 13:30, while Indiana has five.
Keeling already has three points. He scored IU’s second field goal on a fast break. After a D.J. dunk, Indiana has some momentum. The balconies here are mostly empty, but it’s loud in here. And now, A.J. Ratliff banks in a 3 to tie the score at 13 with 8:39 left in the half.
The Indiana rotation, or lack of one, continues to evolve. Xavier Keeling just checked in. Haven’t seen Mike White yet.
The only bright spot for the Hoosier offense so far is that Southern Illinois has six fouls with 11:30 left in the half. Could be a lot of Indiana foul shots before the half is over. As Sampson has mentioned, playing Joey Shaw really helps in drawing fouls.
The Southern Illinois defense is as tough as you’d expect, ranking second in the nation in points allowed. The Hoosiers have one field goal after eight minutes and are trailing 11-5.
Hoosiers trailing 8-3 four minutes into the game. Southern Illinois is getting better shots. Wilmont is having a rough start. One bad shot into the side of the backboard and another just got swatted.
Indiana couldn’t inbound the ball and Kelvin Sampson had to call a timeout.

He absolutely went off on Rod Wilmont when he came to the bench. That’s the maddest Sampson has been this season.


Indiana starting lineup: Wilmont, Calloway, Stemler, Shaw and D.J. White
I’m wondering if Southern Illinois starting forward Randal Falker is Gaylord’s brother.
Ben Allen is out warming up with the Hoosiers. Don’t know if that means anything as far as his availability to play.
We’re in a half-empty Assembly Hall about three minutes before tip-off. We expected a small crowd for this game with the students on holiday break and a Sunday 8 p.m. tip and that’s what we’re seeing.


  1. Sampson, at the very least, is fired up for this game. He’s over there diagramming furiously during this timeout. The Salukis, ahead 8-3, are the more polished team.

  2. Based on the H-T printing that this game would be aired on WTTV, I turned my TV to channel 4 to watch the game at 8 p.m. Funny, I didn’t know D.J. White was eligible to be America’s top model.

  3. Keeling enters the game and blocks a shot at one end and earns a tough foul at the other.

    He must have had a better week in practice than Mike White. Sampson says those two have been battling all year. This is the first time I can remember Keeling getting the call first.

  4. Count it. The bank. From A.J. Ratliff.

    He came to the bench with a sheepish grin. D.J. White threw his fist down. Some of that swagger comin’ out.

    All tied now, 13-13 with 8:39 left.

  5. On pace for a 46-44 Southern Illinois win.

    One of these teams is going to have to start taking some risks, and my guess is it will be the Hoosiers. They’ll open up a little bit and see if they can’t change the way this game is being played.

  6. What a play by Tatum. He took Calloway — Indiana’s quickest player — off the dribble, then pulled up. What elevation on that shot! He just stays up there and at the very top of his jump lets a soft shot go.

    Think Sampson is diagramming a double-team or some sort of help play to handle Tatum, who has half of his teams 30 points.

  7. IU has to play as a team to have a chance. They have no individual player with enough “game” to carry them. Sampson has done a good job keeping them competitive on the defensive end through teamwork. But he can’t shoot fouls for them.

  8. Where’s D.J. White been this half? They’re barely even trying to get the ball into the low paint toward him. SIU is going to make someone else do the damage in the low block, and Indiana is going to go with Keeling. He’ll shoot two.

  9. This is the best defense I have seen since the first ten years
    Bobby was coaching at IU. The fact that we have outrebounded
    teams every game is something that is new to IU bb even under
    Bobby’s good teams. The fact that they are being coached for
    a change should be obvious to all IU fans.

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