Indiana 86, IUPUI 57

Not a tough task for Indiana tonight. After the “dud” against Western Michigan, as Sampson called it, the Hoosiers came out strong early and made it easy.

Ron Hunter talked after the game about how this game was a celebration for his school. It was a big thing for them to play against Indiana.

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6:55 left, second half: Indiana 71, IUPUI 52

It’s all over but the boredom. Two girls here have a poster that says, “Marry me too, Errek.” They must have seen our post earlier about the studliness of Suhr.


14:04 left, second half: Indiana 59, IUPUI 36

Break out the eggnog. There’s not much left to watch here.

Bassett has quietly scored 13 points, and Stemler has 12. Calloway is one point away from reaching his career high of 22.


15:14 left, second half: Indiana 57, IUPUI 36

Hoosiers are doing a lot of things well tonight. Inside-out is working. White just found Bassett wide open for a 3-pointer.

Indiana is shutting down Indianapolis native David Barlow, who’d been a prolific scorer for the Jags. He’s got just five points right now.


Halftime: Indiana 48, IUPUI 48

Calloway leads all scorers with 17 points.

The Hoosiers are winning the rebounding battle 24-9.

Indiana has scored 98 points in its last two halves.


3:37 left, first half: Indiana 37, IUPUI 22

Calloway up to 17 points on 5-of-5 shooting already.


7:55 left, first half: Indiana 29, IUPUI 16

Earl Calloway has 11 points already following a 20-point performance the other night.


9:49 left, first half: Indiana 24, Jaguars 14

5-0 run by the Jaguars just led to Sampson getting in the face of Ratliff. He pushed Ratliff in the chest as he was coming off the floor after failing to defend a 3 pointer.


11:57 left, first half: Indiana 22, Jaguars 6

What was I saying about judging the bands? It may be the only contest left pretty soon. The Hoosiers are knocking down shots, not allowing anything on defense and finding plenty of room on offense. I don’t see this changing much.


15:21 left, first half: Indiana 12, Jaguars 2
Think the Jaguars feel a bit overwhelmed? They’ve airballed twice. Hoosiers are really running and scoring on transition. White made a big block and Wilmont got a shot at the other end. Stemler came in with the tip.

17:30 left, first half: Indiana 8, IUPUI 0

Hoosiers off to a hot start thanks to rebounding and a quick transition game. D.J. White opened the scoring with a jumper in the lane, and Ratliff hit a 3-pointer.


A third grader just sang the national anthem and it was one of the best renditions I’ve heard in my 25 years of listening to the song. Seriously, if I knew the little girl’s name I’d bet on her getting a recording deal or winning American Idol in the next few years.

Starting lineup for the Hoosiers: Calloway, Wilmont, Ratliff, Stemler, D.J. White.


Plenty of good seats here at Conseco Field House. It’s a great night to be in Indianapolis — not too chilly, plenty of holiday cheer.

Mostly IU fans as expected. Both schools brought bands, and I’ll surely critique and compare them as the game continues.