Kelvin Sampson radio show, live blog

A mid-range game is what the Hoosiers need to develop next, according to Sampson. 

A caller pointed out that some players are taking the 15 or 16 foot shot, and Sampson said that’s what he wants to see out of players like Rod Wilmont and A.J. Ratliff. When defenders go at them hard, he wants his guys to lift the defender with a fake, dribble once and pull up for the jumper.

Sampson doesn’t think he has any natural shooters — although the thinks one of next year’s recruits is one (Eric Gordon) — but thinks they can all improve by just working at it constantly.  


Sampson said Kentucky will be coming to Assembly Hall next year and that they’ll get only 100 tickets. That’s the rule, he said: visiting teams get 100 tickets.

I think he also said that Southern Illinois is the best team on the Hoosiers schedule. I’m assuming he votes them ahead of Duke each week. 


Sampson is more concerned with his team’s inability to get to the free throw line against Kentucky than he is its poor shooting. He said his teams historically get to the line more than the opponent but he just doesn’t have many guys who can go to the hole and draw fouls.

He had this to say about Lance Stemler: “Lance is a tough kid. If you hit him, he’s going to hit you back. I like those type of kids.”

I take this to mean that Stemler would have not fared very well under the kind hand of Bob Knight. 


Nothing to shake the world out of Coach Sampson in the first few minutes. He thinks the team is getting better and doing the things he wants them to do.

He did call the first half of the Duke game “disgusting.” He felt the team didn’t compete.

Sampson then confused everybody more than a graduate-level physics final ever could by saying that the team shot well against Kentucky. Upon hearing this, I blacked out. But I awoke in time to hear that Sampson had been joking. “We couldn’t have hit water if we fell out of a boat,” he said. 


Check in here for a recap of the Kelvin Sampson show as it goes on. Just in cause you’re sequestered up there in the library studying for finals or otherwise can’t get to a radio.