North Central v. Carmel Updates

This is Chris, updating you from my hotel room in lovely Lexington.

Just talked to Dollinger and he told me the final score was North Central 77, Carmel 66.

Gordon finished with 30. Not too shabby.

By the way, Doug, our photographer Chris Howell and I all visited with Bud Mackey today. His Scott County team was practicing and we got to sit down and chat with him and his coach. Great guys. Bud’s going to be a special player for the Hoosiers but of course he’s got a lot to learn (he’s only a junior.)


(North Central 55, Carmel 53) [End of 3rd]

Carmel just hit a deep three to bring the game within two.

I’m getting tired of the cliche, but Gordon is still struggling to find his rhythm. The entire Carmel team collapses on him everytime he gets the ball, so he hasn’t had much room to create.

Fourth quarter. Gordon has 24 points. Let’s find out what EJ has in store for us.
(North Central 46, Carmel 36) [5:22 in 3rd]

Hack-a-Gordon? Doesn’t sound good, but it seems to be Carmel’s strategy.

Good news for Hoosier fans: Gordon is the anti-D.J. White. Unlike White, who when he falls down gets up slowly and limps for five minutes, Gordon jumps up instantly and effortlessly. You don’t even have time to worry about a program-threatening injury. Whew. (Carmel 34, North Central 33) [Halftime]

Close game at the half. A little sloppy on both sides, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t seen a high school game in two years.

Gordon is 4/10 from the field at the half with 14 points. After missing his first two free throws he made his next five to go 5-7 from the charity stripe.

No. 23 has shown signs of brilliance in the first half, but also flashes of being a high school senior still. His athletcism is unquestionable — the kid can flat out move.

But a couple of times he’s come down and just chucked threes that would have made Bracey Wright blush. I mean it.

I’d expect a much cooler Gordon to come out in the second half. More relaxed and probably more willing to take it to the hole.

(North Central 27, Carmel 24) [5:03 in 2nd]

Okay, Gordon is starting to take over. After several dunks and freakish-athletic plays it seems like Gordon is finding his rhythm. He also just drained a three-pointer that would have toed the NBA line. Gordon has 14 points.
Carmel 22, North Central 19) [7:07 in 2nd]

Sound the alarm. Eric Gordon just went to the locker room.

45 seconds later…

Gordon is back. He was bleeding so he had to come out of the game, but the blood must have stopped before he actually made it to the trainer’s room.
(Carmel 20, North Central 15) [End of first]

This internet connection is killing me. Through one quarter, it looks like Gordon is trying to do a little too much. Then again when you’re the best player in the country, you probably have a tendency to do that.

(Carmel 12, North Central 5) [3:53 left in the first]

Eric Gordon is forcing up a horrific amount of shots and Carmel is making everything. It’s like watching that Larry Bird-Michael Jordan “Nothing But Net” commercial.
Game update…just kidding, it still hasn’t started. But the two schools are chanting nonstop. The rundown:

Carmel: Car-Mel.
NC: Let’s go Panthers. Followed by a chant I can’t repeat.
Carmel: Let’s play football.
NC: Let’s go swimming.

I keep forgetting this is a heated high school basketball game and not an Eric Gordon exhibition.
It’s 8:05 and by the time the game starts it won’t be on tape-delay. It is packed in North Central’s gym, with most standing room occupied as well.

Just learned an interesting fact via Alex from North Central (the official stat-keeper). Turns out, Indiana Hoosier guard and former North Central standout Adam Ahlfeld wasn’t that much of a standout.

Ahlfeld averaged 3.7 points per game his senior year.

I bet you’d expect me to make a joke or say something negative towards Ahlfeld, but that won’t be the case tonight. In honor of blogging in his former gym, tonight I grant Ahlfeld immunity. All 3.7 points per game of him.
While Doug and Chris are away in Kentucky for tomorrow’s much anticipated IU/UK game, I am staying in-state for Eric Gordon’s home opener.

Hopefully I should be able to give you guys updates often, but to warn you, I’m dealing with an internet connection as fast as Ben Allen’s first step.

Game should start shortly.


  1. Eric Gordon is a very talented player. He has the type of skills to be a dominant player in the NCAA.

    But, how are his grades? I am a bit worried about them. Keith Smart was my hero. Is that still OK?

  2. I’ve never heard a single thing about EJ’s grades…which I think is a good thing. I talked to Coach Mitchell after the game last night for awhile and he praised Eric across the board. Not just as a player, but he mentioned how strong his family is and how well he was raised.

    But like I said, grades didn’t come up. They usually only do when they are a problem. I asked Mitchell if he knew what Eric wanted to major in, he said he didn’t know, but that it probably wouldn’t be business.

  3. I still cannot believe that IU somehow managed to snag Mr. Gordon. Although I have not had the pleasure of witnessing him in person, I have seen his highlights on youtube. Although this is an obvious statement, if DJ decides to stay next year, which would be a wise decision, IU will have one hell of a defense. They will be able to run the inside- out offense to perfection because Gordon will be doubled the entire game, so when they get in to DJ and he is doubled, there should be two guys open. Maybe by then IU will be able to make open shots. One other plus, Gordon can MAKE FREETHROWS.

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