The Ring is back on the auction block

Check out this comment that was added to our blog about the 1976 Championship Season ring for sale on ebay. Looks like there’s going to be another auction.

I’m thinking of scooping this thing up for my dad, but only if I can’t find a 1980 Phillies Championship ring or the 1975 Flyers’ Stanley Cup.


The 1976 Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball National Championship Ring
belonging to former assistant coach Harold Andreas, who gave Bobby
Knight his first-ever coaching job, will be put up for auction a
second time, beginning December 24 at noon EST.

The first auction, which took place the last week of November, yielded
a high bid of $50,100, but failed to meet the reserve price. Due to
overwhelming post-auction interest in the ring, it will be auctioned
off one last time on Christmas Eve, with a reserve that is in
accordance with the results of the first auction.

The ‘76 Hoosiers — led by the likes of Quinn Buckner, Kent Benson,
and Scott May — ran the table (32 wins, 0 losses) to become NCAA
National Champions. They’re the last team in Men’s Division I-A
Basketball to go undefeated.

Interested bidders must be pre-approved. For a history of the ring and
a link to the auction, visit Questions? Contact


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