Final score: Indiana 92, Western Illinois 40

11:16, second half: Indiana 65, Western Illinois 32

If you’ve read Doug’s comments, you’ll notice that he seems to think Errek Suhr is not yet the mayor of Bloomington.

This of course is not true. He’s been running the place, via a puppet, for years.

By the way, Santa and a Penguin are here in the crowd. They’re back behind Doug, probably planning to attack him. That’s just my guess.

What D.J. White wants for Christmas: a box of white t-shirts to wear under his jersey and some room in the paint.


17:06, second half: Indiana 54, Western Illinois 28

Rousing start to this half, with the Hoosiers racking up 13 points in under three minutes. Rod Wilmont just stole the ball the twice and scored on easy, breakaway baskets.


Half time: Indiana 41, Western Illinois 21

Kelvin Sampson was joking on his radio show Monday about a “comfortable lead.” He seemed to think there was no such thing.

This feels fairly comfortable.

Stemler leads the Hoosiers with 11 points.


5:21, first half: Indiana 35, Western Illinois 20

Stemler missed two 3s as soon as I blogged about him. No need to worry: Ratliff hit his first of the game.


7:50, first half: Indiana 27, Western Illinois 18

Armon Bassett is going to be really exciting to watch when he gets a little more confidence going to the net. He just swooped down the left side, cut under the basket and was fouled. He’s got that little something that lets guys his size — 6-foot — find some space and make things happen.

But again it’s the 3-point shot doing the damage. Lance Stemler has come into the game and hit two-of-two, pushing him up over 50 percent on the year.


15:00, first half: Indiana 12, Western Illinois 7

Indiana’s taking plenty of 3-pointers — a trend this year. Bassett and Wilmont have hit to help the Hoosiers to an early lead.


We’re here…where are you? Sparse crowd here for the start of this contest.

Starting for the Hoosiers: Ben Allen, D.J. White, Rod Wilmont, Armon Bassett and Earl Calloway.


  1. After another slow start offensively, D.J. White just scored on a nice little pivot move near the basket to put the Hoosiers up 37-20. Despite all the talk about D.J. becoming a dominant player, I just don’t see it offensively. Unless opponents stop double-teaming him, I can’t picture how he’s going to have big scoring nights consistently.

  2. Wilmont’s two steals, ending with a dunk and a layup, darn near woke me up along with the rest of Assembly Hall. After being really empty and dead in here to start the game, it has filled up and is much louder this half. With 10 points in the first three minutes of the second half, Wilmont is pushing Stemler for player of the game honors.

  3. Errek Suhr finally gets in the game with 14:07 left to big applause from the crowd. Suhr hits a 3 and the crowd explodes. The refs call a foul on Suhr and the crowd is angry. Note to Kelvin Sampson – play the little guy when you can. He could run for mayor in Bloomington and win.

  4. Chris, you’re right a guy who looked like a giant bird just walked by me. And it wasn’t even Ben Allen. Just some dude in a penguin suit with Santa.

  5. Lance loves shooting 3-pointers, doesn’t he? So how was the crowd tonight guys? I for one don’t agree with some people’s ‘first come first serve’ proposal. Once we start playing Big Ten teams or teams with winning records our student section is deafening. Go IU!!!!

  6. Hey Jeff, Lance picked up right where he left off before getting kicked in the head. The crowd was lame at the start of the game tonight. I would say the place was close to half empty, but it filled up to a respectable crowd midway through the first half – like a lot of games we’ve seen the past couple of years. There wasn’t much noise early – it was a boring first half. But the game and the fans picked it up in the second half as the Hoosiers got off to their fast start with a flurry of Wilmont points, including a couple of steals and breakaway scores one right after the other.

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