Best news of the year: Indiana going to Maui in 2008

OK, OK. So I guess it’s really only the best news of the year if your company happens to pay for you to go to these things, but still, it’s a pretty significant tidbit.

Indiana, which won the 2002 Maui Invitational, joins North Carolina, Alabama, Notre Dame, Oregon, Saint Joseph’s, Texas and host Chaminade in the 25th annual playing of this tournament. 

In a related note, Indiana’s game at Northwestern — which had been scheduled for either the 27th or 28th of February this year — has finally been finally scheduled. They’ll play it on the 28th, at 7 p.m.

Chicago in late February is almost as nice as Maui in late November. Or so I’ve heard.


  1. With Eric Gorden coming in and if DJ stays, they could definitely win that tournament. UNC will probably lose Brandon Wright, Alabama loses Davidson, and Texas probably loses Durant.

  2. The tournament is in November of 2008 – not likely DJ sees that tournament and neither would EJ if he is one and done.

  3. Well that stinks, but you never know. EG could stick around till his sophmore year and DJ would be a Senior. That IU team would be absolutly loaded.

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