Holman still seeking reinstatement

Big news from Eli Holman’s camp today…

The IU basketball recruit’s press conference has been rescheduled for Wednesday.

According to Holman’s spokesperson, Lonnie Coleman, the press conference was delayed due to the fact that it is growing. Apparently, there will be a sizeable amount of people supporting Holman when he faces the press on Wednesday.

Coleman e-mailed The Hoosier Scoop the formal announcement of Holman’s press conference on Wednesday. Below, in full-detail, is who, what, when, where, and why in regards to the press conference:

Nationally Ranked High School Basketball Player and Indiana University Recruit Elijah Holman and Community Supporters are Optimistic the CIF Will Allow Him to Play Senior Year. Elijah and his supporters submitted corrected documentation to
the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) that shows he has met their eligibility requirements to play ball his senior year.

WHO: Elijah Holmes, Richmond High Blue Chip Basketball Recruit
David Mullins, Referee from December 3, 2005 incident
Orlando Ramos, Richmond High Principal
Reverend George Brown, Elijah’s Reverend since 7th Grade
Lonnie Coleman, Coach & Mentor
Religious and community supporters

WHAT: Press conference highlighting corrected information submitted to CIF for their consideration that show Holman met requirements to become eligible to play basketball his senior after being disciplined for illegal contact with a referee December 3, 2005. Holman and supporters believe corrected documentation will reverse CIF’s decision to bar him from playing senior year. Elijah and supporters make brief statements and are available for question and answer.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

WHERE: Richmond High School Front Marquee, 1250 23rd Street in Richmond, CA

VISUALS: Elijah and supporters behind him during statements. Elijah shooting basketball.

Blue chip basketball recruit Elijah Holman and his supporters are optimistic today that the corrected documentation they submitted to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) on December 5th will result in Holman being allowed to play his senior year. Holman is a nationally ranked recruit from Richmond High and future Indiana University Hoosier who has only 14 games left in his senior season. Originally Holman was denied the opportunity to play basketball his senior year after making illegal contact with a referee during his December 3, 2005 game. In response, CIF suspended Holman from play the remainder of the year and laid out a number of steps for him to regain eligibility, such as improving his grades and attendance. On December 2, 2006 the CIF denied Holman play for his senior year based on incorrect and incomplete grade and attendance information. Holman, his family, school officials and community supporters have re-submitted the correct information they believe will reverse the CIF decision.

“I know what I did was wrong. I take responsibility for my actions and I have worked very hard to show that I have learned and I have changed. I think with this corrected information, CIF will see that I’ve met all of their requirements and have really improved over the last year,” said 17-year-old Elijah Holman. “I just love the game of basketball and want an opportunity to play my senior year and show people I’m not who they’ve made me out to be. I’ve already signed on with the Hoosiers so I’m not doing this because I need to break records. I just want a chance to play and redeem myself.”

Even referee David Mullins from the 2005 incident thinks denying Elijah his senior year would be too harsh a penalty. “As a referee we don’t run up and down the court three nights a week for the pay. We do it because it is an opportunity to participate in something positive for our youth,” explained Mullins, “Elijah’s got heart. If he hadn’t taken responsibility and worked hard to make this right, I wouldn’t be here. But he has, and I can’t stand by and watch while a good kid who made a mistake is punished for the rest of his high school career. He messed up, he’s paid the price, and he should have an opportunity to show everyone the integrity he’s displayed over the last year off the court.”

“Richmond High School takes full responsibility for submitting the incorrect information to CIF. Elijah Holman should not be held accountable for Richmond High’s mistake,” said Richmond High Principal Orlando Ramos. “For so long we’ve only heard negative stories come out of Richmond. Elijah is a Richmond High success story, not a failure. Over the last year he’s taken responsibility and worked hard to improve his grades, his attendance, jumped leaps and bounds on his SAT score and he’s still going for more. I believe that when CIF sees the accurate information they’ll be able to make a fair decision. We’ve all been 16 and we’ve all made mistakes. We want to make sure our kids learn they can work to right a wrong, and won’t be punished forever.”

Richmond High Coach and mentor to Elijah, Lonnie Coleman said, “I saw Elijah playing last summer and asked someone who that 6’10” kid was. After getting to know him, it was hard to believe he was the one who had the referee incident. He is a good kid who was dealing with some very heavy issues that day and his 16-year-old mind made the wrong move,” explained Coleman. “I’ve been working with Elijah four and five days a week since the summer and I’ve seen him grow. He’s not a bad kid that’s miraculously turned good. He’s a good kid who did something wrong, has learned from it and has worked very hard to make it right. We think once CIF considers the correct information they will agree. There are only 14 games left in the season. This is not just for Elijah, his team needs him, Richmond High needs him, and the City of Richmond needs him.”


  1. Almost as exciting as the Eric Gordon Saga! Or Derrick Rose’s decision!! Or the new coaching hire last spring!!!

  2. I believe he should be disciplined. I also believe in progressive discipline, not ruthless and punitive discipline. He and his team have suffered enough. I watched “Coach Carter” the movie today. If his life is 1/10 as the players portrayed in the movie, one can understand Lonnie Coleman’s comments about “dealing with some very heavy issues that day.” Let the kid play.

  3. Why are they holding the press conference? Is CIF still refusing to hear the case after they ruled against the appeal? Is this a case of them trying to get the attention of people that are not looking?

  4. Walt, you are exactly right. The CIF argues there is no appeals process left for Holman to explore…but they obviously see it differently.

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