Got any taped games you can spare?

This is from Mike Leonard’s column that ran in today’s Herald-Times. Thought you guys would like to give it a read and try to help out.

From North Vernon comes a poignant request to Indiana University basketball loyalists.

Kache Ross wrote recently to explain that her grandfather, John Robert Ross, is suffering from an affliction similar to Parkinson’s disease or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

“One of the few activities he is still able to enjoy is watching IU basketball on television,” she wrote. “He watches TV with the volume turned down while listening to Don Fischer call the game on radio.”

Now that’s a true fan — although it seems that broadcast technology is increasingly causing just enough of a gap between the television and radio signals that this time-honored practice is getting harder to do.

The elder Ross can’t watch the same games over and over, however. What his granddaughter wishes for are VHS tapes or even DVD recordings of IU basketball during the Bob Knight era. The Ross family has garnered tapes of the 1981 and 1987 NCAA championship games but not much else.

Anyone who wants to copy or give up Bob Knight-era IU tapes for Mr. Ross’s enjoyment can mail them to John Robert Ross at 4480 Sunset Glades Blvd., North Vernon, IN 47265.

“Your help will be greatly appreciated by our whole family,” his granddaughter wrote.