UPDATE: Holman shot in drive-by on Saturday

6:02 PM — Still getting some news about Eli. I’m expecting to talk to him within the hour and also have contacted the Richmond detective who is conducting the investigation.

When I heard this story this morning I was as skeptical as anyone. But as more information continues to come, it sounds more and more like Holman was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two days before your 13-month suspension is going to be overturned and you get shot by someone you’ve never met?

It’s hard for us Hoosiers to believe, but after talking to Lonnie Coleman at length, this is life in Richmond. Coleman said five people in his graduating class from Richmond High were killed. He also told stories of Terrence Kelly, who had a full athletic scholarship to the University of Oregon before he was gunned down out of jealousy.

I’m not trying to stand up for Holman as much as I am trying to explain the circumstances. This isn’t like Holman got shot in the Union Hotel parking lot. Holman was excited about going to this party because he RARELY goes out. That’s how dangerous Richmond is.

I just got off the phone with Lonnie Coleman. He gave me some information to dispel a lot of the rumors circulating about Eli Holman right now.

– Eli is fine. He has already resumed playing basketball.

– Holman wasn’t exactly going to a “shady” party. It was a birthday party for one of the girls he knew on the basketball team. He was shot around 9:45 PM on Saturday — by no means the middle of the night.

– Fortunately, the bullet bounced off Eli’s back and didn’t penetrate his body. He felt a burning sensation and was in a lot of pain and he called Coleman almost immediately after being shot. They met at the hospital.

– The Richmond police have caught the shooters. Three out of the four people the Richmond police detained are minors. They were caught with several guns and also a large amount of drugs.

Another update will be coming shortly.


  1. @Hoosierxheart:

    Don’t jump to conclusions about what happened. Holman was shot at, not doing the shooting. Give him the benefit of the doubt, for cyin’ out loud.


  2. But why the Mercedes, and, at 17, why going to a party
    at a hotel late at night? If he’s trying to rehab his name, that seems like a poor decision.

  3. These events might not have taken place, if he was reinstated already. This does not make the city of Richmond look very good as well as the CIF.

  4. On the surface, it seems like this is not the type of kid that should be attending IU. Bobby Knight would not have had a thing to do with someone of questionable character. The Pacers have had their share of problems with guys that bring “baggage” to the team. How good would this guy be by setting out basically the last 2 years of high school ball?

  5. I was referring to the fact that Holman was suspended from further high school competition after pushing an official in the fourth game of the 2005-06 season. Do we really want this type of person playing here and giving IU a black eye if he loses it again and flips off??

    We are still recovering from the Bobby Knight era.

  6. Wow I hope if you when you went out to a party at 10pm at the age of 17, and got shot for no reason, people didnt call you a menace. Do you know anything about Richmond and what those kids are faced with everyday, but hey I guess your perfect and cant fathom the notion that some people are in dangerous enviornments and face danger all the time. I read some archived news reports a guy went into a church and shot inside and set it on fire. That city is dangerous. But hey I guess it would have been his fault too. Keep your head up El! I dont know you but I pray for you. Dont worry about these people that are so quick to judge.

  7. That was one incident regarding the referee push and he has gone through many hoops to be reconsidered and possible reinstated. It is amazing to me how judgmental people are with minimal facts.

  8. Spare me the bleeding heart crap… It was truly torture having the winningest coach in college basketball history.

    Where was your bleeding heart when James Hardy was kept on the football team for his little off-the-field problem? No other person would have been treated like that.

    Where was your bleeding heart when members of the football team are having knife fights in the street?

    Instead, you whine about Bobby and his wonderful use of the English language… Give me a break!

  9. Oh, I didn’t know that being a passenger in a Mercedes should implicate that you are a bad person. Do you think the Mercedes belongs to a drug dealer or what? That’s a pretty big assumption I would think.

    Also, if you think it speaks badly for a 17 yr old to be partying on a Saturday night then you wouldn’t think highly of an overwhelming percentage of high schoolers in America.

    As for Knight not wanting anything to do with this guy…well, he had a lot to do with Sherron Wilkerson and Williams Gladness coming to IU. Both were involved in incidents at IU. The only thing going against this Holman kid is that he made an bad decision in the heat of a game and pushed a ref, and apparently since then he has been nothing but great. The ref he touched is supporting him as well.

  10. Mark,

    Who the hell do you think was whining about Bobby Knight? I sure wasn’t. I think he was the greatest coach of all time, but as IU basketball is trying to recover, we don’t need people who bring back these types of problems. I’m sorry he grew up in a crappy part of the country and has these problems, but he better learn to leave them there. We don’t need this kind of crap in Bloomington!!

    if he’s changed, great. I suppose it’s possible. But I won’t hold my breathe!

  11. No it wasn’t torture having the winningest coach in history, but it was torture having to continually read/listen to things about his childish behavior. All of his antics finally did him in, and he is now down in Texas Tech yelling at students for rushing the floor after a huge win against #5 Kansas. Way to go Bob, thanks for the memories.

  12. Let me clear something up. The Mercedes does not come from a drug dealer — although I’m starting to think more people saw the movie “ATL” than the box office records indicated.

    For your information, the mother of the person driving the car is the wife of an ex-NFL player and has a well-paying job.

    And even though this shooting took place in the slums of Richmond, it is very common for people to finance cars — even if it isn’t financially smart. In other words, even if they don’t have a lot of money, a lot of people in Richmond buy expensive cars anyways.

    The Merecedes has nothing to do with drugs. The people who shot Holman had nothing to do with him. It seems as if Eli has just had a sensational streak of horrible luck.

  13. Cheyennemtnman,

    Eli is going to be reinstated by the CIF — but he is not planning on playing basketball for Richmond.

    I don’t have anything to back it up this second — but I’m almost 100% sure home schooled athletes can’t play for nearby high schools. Even if that was the case, Eli is trying as hard as he can to escape Richmond, not suit up for them.

  14. Good to hear, I wasn’t suggesting it was…it just seems like that is what people imply when they say “what is he doing in a mercedes?”

    Thanks for the update.

  15. So you make a mistake and push a ref? Does that equal the fact that you are a thug. You grow up in a rough area and the victim of a drive by shooting now you dont want. “that type of person in bloomington.” Wow does that mean that black kids that are from the inner city and get into trouble would tarnish a city. And changed? Up until that point he was in no trouble and he is very active in his church. So I see black kids that grow up rough and are victims of violence arent worthy to stay in your beloved bloomington. I am so tired of this type of thinking that it makes me so sick. Did you go to parties at 17? Did you go out with your friends? Did you ever do anything wrong. What does he need to change if he is already a great kid, and would the referee that he pushed support him if he thought otherwise. BTW im white:)

  16. We all need to hear the facts before passing judgement.
    Quite possibly, this is a good guy who gets well above
    average grades and is trying to escape his environment.

    I can understand that. Give him the benefit of the doubt.
    He pushed a ref. Inexcusable, but he’s made amends and the ref is supporting him.

  17. i’m from san francisco which is close to richmond and let me tell you it is a hole and a warzone. if you don’t think you can be shot doing nothing than lucky for you lily white rural and suburb living selves. this is life in the big city and even now living in pittsburgh, every time i drive past a young black man or teen, they always turn around and make eye contact to see who’s driving. how do you think they develop that preservation instinct? it happens like this. someone drives up and asks you, “what set you claimin?” and if you have the wrong answer or ignore them, you get shot. period.

    this does not make them a bad people. kids do not chose to grow up in these neighborhoods, they’re born into them, and if sports can provide a means to education and a chance to make a better life for themselves, then more power to them. that’s the whole point of athletics.

    if you are apalled by the spectre of urban living, then vote for people who will put money into education and urban renewal, not wars.

    give eli a chance. if sampson can’t make a man out of him we’ll know soon enough.

  18. I didnt see anywhere what year of mercedes he was riding in? peopleasume that it was a new car and maybe it was but could it be an older car that someone got for their kid as a status thing. either way i dont think it matters. he was shot at and not the one doingthe shooting. and as for bobby knight all you have to do to see what kind of players he brought in is look in assembly hall at the banners and see that he brought in tough,hard nose kids probably some of them a lot like holman. times have changed and so have the kids. probably a lot of it has to do with the fact that there are not a lot of people out there willing to inforce rules and i firmly believe that all this comes back to the fact that parents dont make their kids walk the line like parents used to. i see kids i mean little kids behave like little jerks and the parents put them in time out or take away their playstation. when i was a kid we didnt have drive by shootings and “time out meant that my dad was taking time out of his day to spank my butt!!! maybe we need to go back to the parents raising the kids instead of the village.

  19. You Hoosiers are so backwards it is ridiculous…why not come out and say it? You don’t like this kid because he is black. I hate to break it to all of you but you are all racist. I am so happy I got to leave your ridiculous state after graduating. You all obviously know nothing about this player because if you read about all of the circumstances surrounding the incident with the referee plus all of the progress he has made as a person and as a player you would know that he is exactly the type of player IU should have. I am sick and tired of comments I hear from everyone. For all of you who are better at hiding your racism then others I apologize he is not the “type” of player IU should have. I will now allow you all to go back to sitting in your underdeveloped poverty stricken neighborhoods and talk about the good old days when the KKK was only 13 miles from your homes.

    Bob Knight is gone and he is not coming back. Get over it. Maybe give this new coach a chance because he seems to be doing a pretty good job. I know the recruits we have coming in next year are black but maybe find it in your heart to cheer for them.

  20. Since Robb says we are all racist I guess it must be true. Robb knows every Hoosier inside-and-out, don’t bother disagreeing with him.

    You may say that Holman has questionable character because he shoved an official and has questionable grades, but deep down Rob knows that you question Eli because he is black.

    Nevermind the many generations of great black players at Indiana, its Native American head coach, and the fact that some Hoosiers ARE IN FACT black people, but if Robb says we’re all racist, it must be true.

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