Holman to hold press conference

Indiana basketball recruit Eli Holman is set to have a press conference on Jan. 8 (this Monday), when he will issue a statement and clear up any questions regarding his basketball future.

The press conference is set for 12:15 pm (remember, Holman is in California) and will clear up any questions regarding Holman’s appeal or any other discrepancies circulating around him.

As usual, we’ll have the latest on Holman when it becomes immediately available. Stay tuned for more information.


  1. Great, the only big guy in our future and he is;
    1. Not playing because he is a hot headed punk that assaulted a referee.
    2. Hoping some teachers feel sorry for him and give him some C’s so he can get a GPA up to 2.2.
    3. Raised his SAT to 700 Total! Not revealed how he did this or if these are really his scores. If I remember correctly I got 700+ on one part of the SAT.
    The future looking pretty grim.

  2. Yeah the future is looking incredibly grim. Eric Gordon coming to town next season, and I think he is only the 1st or 2nd best player in the United States for his age…that spells doom and gloom for years to come. Also the other recruits are not too shabby what so ever. Not to mention the team we have now is playing very hard and hanging with the best teams in the country and winning the games they should win. Nice analysis though.

  3. Truly an inaccurate and unfair analysis by the trollish Jeff Hawkins. I am very hesitant to believe that when you refer to “our”, you are are referring to the Indiana Basketball community.

    A PU troll? Sweaty/fat/nebbish engineer.
    A UI troll? Inferiority complex/latent Bruce Weber homosexual tendencies/Barnes and Noble Shift Manager
    A Bob Knight sycophant? Masturbating to O’Reilly Auto-parts ads, unemployed and living off of one of the Hillbilly Arts: long-term disability, E-Bay, personal injury lawsuits.

  4. I truly hope that some of the comments on the page by Jeff Hawkins are taken down. Jeff Hawkins is a big time Mike Davis fan and was truly hurt when he left Bloomington.

    Eli Holman is a fine you man that made a mistake, but his punishment has been unfair and he should not be judged by the one incident. It will be great to see him as a Hoosier.


  5. The future looks grim? Come on Jeff! Assuming that DJ comes back next year, we’ll have our three main big men the whites squared and Keeling, our three best deep threats in Stemler, Ratliff, and Shaw and Bassett will finally be the main point guard with Calloway graduating. And oh yeah, not to mention were getting one of the best recruits IU has ever seen in Gordon. Although I do agree that Holman probably isn’t the smartest guy, a 2.2 GPA is pretty pathetic, as long as he plays well and does not flunk off the team, thats fine with me.

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