Indiana 77, UConn 73 (final)

Indiana holds on for its most impressive win of the season.

15.6, second half: Indiana 75, UConn 73

Great poise by Bassett, who hadn’t scored since hitting three 3-pointers in the first few minutes of the game.


24.7, second half: Indiana 73, UConn 70

UConn only has eight team fouls right now so Indiana will shoot another one-and-one here.


54.3, second half: Indiana 71, UConn 70

How can you not love college basketball? What a game.

Wilmont gets called for a foul, then the refs change their mind.

He hits two baskets to keep Indiana in it.


3:56, second half: Indiana 64, UConn 64

Bad turnover by Shaw. But to his credit he’s been matched up with Stanley Robinson most of the second half and has muted him a bit. He was simply killing Indiana with his size and athleticism. Shaw, who hasn’t seen much action lately and was deemed “not ready” for last week’s Penn State game by Sampson, has done his part today.

4:43, second half: Indiana 64, UConn 62

The Hoosiers haven’t always been so steady in the last four minutes of games on the road. UConn is going with a very athletic but young lineup, hoping to just force Indiana into a little bit of confusion.


7:35, second half: Indiana 60, UConn 58

Right now, it’s all a matter of Indiana getting a few clutch baskets.

Armon Bassett just had a couple of chances and missed both of them. He got a lucky rebound after the first but then rushed to put a shot right up and clanked one off the backboard.

This is what playing on the road is all about: having the poise to get a good shot each possession.


11:27, second half: Indiana 56, UConn 52

Wilmont’s got 10 points this half but is playing with three fouls right now.

D.J. White was able to draw a foul away from the play in the paint. It was Curtis Kelly’s fourth, but UConn has a lot of guys they can throw out there.

By the way, D.J. had 17 points in the first half and just two rebounds.


15:28, second half: Indiana 49, UConn 44

Rod Wilmont just being Rod Wilmont. Hitting the long shot then grabbing a steal.


19:06, second half: Indiana 44, UConn 39

Hit a long 3-pointer and grab a steal to create a basket. That’s one way to do it.

Wilmont knocked down a long shot and then Mike White caught his man being a big lacdaisical with the ball and made the swipe before feeding Wilmont for a basket.


So, snap prediction time. What do you guys think? How will this unfold?

What’s Sampson and his staff going to do to change this game?

The difference?

Points in the paint: UConn 26, Indiana 8

Second-chance points: UConn 12, Indiana 0

Fast-break points: UConn 9, Indiana 2

Bench points: UConn 12, Indiana 3


Half: Indiana 39, UConn 39

We end the half where we began it: tied. Wiggins charged down and hit a last-second 3-pointer to tie it.

This has become a fight in the paint. UConn is shooting and hoping they’ll be able to get the rebound. Indiana knows that full well and is getting whoever they can back there to just have bodies and arms available.

The Hoosiers need to try to slow the game down.


3:34, first half: Indiana 29, UConn 26

If my quick math is correct, UConn has scored 10 second-chance points in the last three minutes to spark this run.

Mike White has been tough. He’s just not big enough. A minute ago he got the ball on the baseline, went hard to the basket and simply had the ball taken away from him while he was in the air. Stanley Robinson, the 6-9 freshman for Connecticut, only had to jump a few inches and reach his hands into the air to get the ball.


5:39, first half: Indiana 28, UConn 24
Eight quick, unanswered, crowd-inspiring points from the Huskies.


7:53, first half: Indiana 28, UConn 16

Stemler finally into the game, and IU goes to a zone.

Wisconsin pulled out the win against Illinois, by the way. The Illini are now 2-4 in conference.


9:02, first half: Indiana 26, UConn 16

That didn’t last long. Allen provides no presence in the paint at either end. D.J. is back in already.


9:48, first half: Indiana 26, UConn 14

Ben Allen is about to enter the game for a very tired D.J. White. He’s been active at both ends but was too tired to get back down the floor on that last sequence. Meanwhile, Mike White has been in the whole game. Interesting.


11:59, first half: Indiana 22, UConn 10

Earl Calloway has gone to the locker room with what looks like a foot injury. Errek Suhr is in the game now trying to guard Wiggins, who is pretty shifty.

The Huskies have started really attacking. They’ve drawn three fouls on this possession alone, giving Indiana six so far.


14:39, first half: Indiana 18, UConn 6

Marcus Johnson entered the game for the Huskies and immediately went to the baseline for a big dunk.

D.J. White came back up the floor, stormed through the lane and finished with a dunk of his own. And he was fouled on the play.

He landed, stared at the quieted UConn crowd, and then was greeted by teammates. He was about as animated as I’ve ever seen him as he went off the floor.


15:18, first half: Indiana 16, UConn 4

You’ll recall that in its other games on the road this season, Indiana has started slowly.

Um, that’s not the case this time. Clearly.

Armon Bassett has hit three 3-pointers from the same spot, and Rod Wilmont just went there and tried one of his own. It, too, fell.

Price is already back in the game for UConn. He’s too essential for what they do to sit too long.

Mike White has been good so far. He’s guarding rugged forward Jeff Adrien, the player that gives Connecticut its identity, according to Kelvin Sampson. They are a little confused about who they are a the moment.


Starting for the Hoosiers: Armon Bassett, Mike White, D.J. White, Rod Wilmont and Earl Calloway.

Lance Stemler to the bench. Looks like Sampson wants a little bit more of a physical presence in the paint, at least to start the game.


As a reader pointed out on a previous post, Indiana will face more of a prototypical lineup today. The two forwards, Jeff Adrien and Stanley Robinson, stand 6-7 and 6-9, and center Hasheem Thabeet is 7-3.

UConn will be without starting point guard A.J. Price, who has a bruised iris. What a horrific-sounding injury.

He’ll be replaced by freshman Doug Wiggins, who hails from just down the block in East Hartford. He was the Gatorade High School Player of the Year for Connecticut last season and has played about 20 minutes per game so far this year for the Huskies.

Watch for Indiana to pressure him heavily. His assist (30) to turnover (22) ratio isn’t great.


Looks like that Wisconsin-Illinois game might be worth watching. According to the stats I have in front of me, Tucker is shooting just 4-of-13.


Best thing about Hartford Civic Center?

They’ve still got old Hartford Whalers banners hanging. There are six jersey’s hung in the rafters, and I’ll buy any fan who can name two of the players off the top of his or her head a beer next time they are in Bloomington.

Hartford is lovely in the winter time.

Bitterly, painfully cold. But lovely. There are more Indiana fans walking around town than I expected. A little bit of red peeks through the dark blue UConn sweatshirts every now and then.


  1. I feel like UConn could just explode at any time here. Is there a sense in the arena that it’s just a matter of time until they start scoring furiously and eliminate this Hoosier lead?

  2. Well, the lead was 10 when I started the last comment and now it’s down to 4, so I guess my question has been answered.

  3. I think we will go inside less. Against a 7′ guy, DJ has no advantage. We will live/die by the outside shot this half. Bombs away.

  4. Thanks the all the updates, this blog is my only source for game information this afternoon. Sounds like it’s down to the wire, hope we’re pulling it off!

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