Indiana-Purdue only on ESPNU

If you don’t have tickets there are just two options: Order ESPNU now or plan a trip to your local sports bar on Jan. 10.

Indiana’s men’s basketball game against Purdue to be played that night in Assembly Hall will only be televised on the college-centered incarnation of the ESPN empire.

Insight Cable customers in Bloomington need to order the Digital Choice package – which costs an additional $12 per month and adds 68 channels — in order to view ESPNU. DirecTV customers need to subscribe to a special sports package and Dish Network customers can receive it with the America’s Top 180 package.

ESPN’s contract with the Big Ten allows it to decide which channel it will broadcast games on, Indiana assistant athletic director Frank Cuervo said.


  1. Why would they choose this game to put on ESPNU????
    Half the state wants to see this game!
    Everyone, write to ESPN!

  2. This really upsets me. ESPN is just trying to get us to blame the cable companies that don’t carry the network so they can make another buck.

    What happens next year when the Big 10 Network does all football & basketball games?

  3. Espn is getting to big for there pants, so you don’t want me to see the game !! Fine I wont watch espn for a month or two. Folks stop watching espn. See if they wont change things. See ya in a month or two. Ron

  4. I resent the fact that you would use the IU-Purdue game, or any other rivalry to extort subscriptions to your channel. This is capitalism at it’s worst and I am a capitalist! Have you no sense of deciency? SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. F.E. Robbins PS I willnever subscribe to your channel…

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