Knight speaks . . .

. . . and something controversial comes out of his mouth. Surprised? Me too.

So, here it is.  

He says he regrets his last six years at Indiana and takes a few shots at the administrators. I know he’s done stuff like this before but it just seems like he can’t help himself. I wonder if any Indiana fans now regret rooting for him all those years?

Bob Knight hasn’t spoken with SI in 10 years. Surely he’s had a good reason for this since he’s not the type to hold a grudge, let alone an unreasonable one. Says he doesn’t like to talk to any of the writers because they’re “bad guys.” Seems very rational to me.

Most SI writers seem like OK guys  — you know, generally respectful of other human beings, able to keep the world in perspective, hard workers with loads of talent, the whole bag — but I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be there again.


  1. What exactly did he say that was controversial? Was saying that he thinks some SI writers are bad guys controversial? If that is controversial, I guess I need to make sure I understand the definition of controversial. I saw nothing in any of his answers that I believe should be viewed as controversial.

  2. There was a reporter about 10 years ago, I think his
    name was Chris (really) who was negative about IU
    and Knight no matter what they did. Kirkpatrick I believe
    his name was, for SI.
    Anyway, we quit subscribing to SI because he was the
    primary basketball reporter and he did IU no favors.

    This may be what Knight is upset about.

  3. Hey guys,

    Sorry for not being clearer the first time. I don’t think Knight’s views on SI reporters are controversial at all. He hasn’t been shy about expressing his opinion about the media, and I’d guess that most coaches feel the same way. It’s just the status quo.

    (Although I don’t think I’d ever dub a group of people ‘bad guys’ unless they were involved in terrorism or something like it.)

    I thought the controversial stuff was what he said about Indiana, and his continued bitterness toward the school. He complains about them not caring about the record, but all along he told everyone who would listen that the record didn’t even matter to him.

    And then he takes more shots at the administration.

    Remember that I have no loyalty here. I’m not a grad of Indiana, nor do I admire or hate Bob Knight.

    It just seems childish, is all.

  4. I don’t think he was referrring to the whole staff. He said he doesn’t like *some* of the writers. I would guess that he meant those same few are bad guys. He didn’t mention any by name, and although saying that (and the “sorry bastards” comment) may be childish, it makes for a candid interview. And when has Knight ever not spoken his mind?

  5. You young guns need to learn your Indiana Basketball history before you dare utter a word about Bob Knight and the media. Most of the bad blood between Knight and SI had to do with the “gapped teeth” comment about Bobby Wilkerson that had absolutely nothing to do with basketball. Knight had every right to be angry then and now. More times than not sports writers and broadcasters are stupid beyond belief. For example, let’s say ESPN comes in to cover an Indiana game and immediately they assume they know EVERYTHING going on with Indiana basketball and start spouting all sorts of garbage as if they have followed the team all year. Bullcrap! Nine times out of ten they are wrong in their assessments yet they expect to be treated like all-knowing Gods. No time for research, let’s rehash Sampson’s NCAA violations for the 100th time. On a positive note, I think the H-T sports coverage is better then it has been since Hammel was in charge. Hammel is the best and will always be in my mind.

  6. Mark,

    Thanks for the background. I just went through the archives and read up on the situation. Interesting stuff.

    As for the national media thinking they know everything, that bothers us local writers, too.

    And thanks for your positive note. We appreciate it.


  7. I stopped taking SI in the 1970’s…..they wrote an article about Knight and I didnt like it soooooo, why pay for something that you dont need. I have not read SI since. SI is old news.

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