Michigan at Indiana, live updates . . .


The Hoosier’s continued their perfect record at home today with their victory over Michigan. In addition to playing well at Assembly Hall, Indiana is now 14-0 when scoring 70-plus points.

Indiana had four different players in double figures, with D.J. White and Rod Wilmont leading the way with 15 each. Lance Stemler regained his shooting touch this afternoon and finished with 11 points, as did Armon Bassett.

The Wolverines struggled from the field, shooting only 35 percent, while Indiana shot 51 percent.
Kelvin Sampson and the Hoosiers won despite the Wolverines domination at the free throw line. Michigan was 29-36 from the line while Indiana managed to finish at a Shaq-esque 10-18.


3:04, second half: Indiana 66, Michigan 56

Gutsy, gutsy play by Mike White. Has the ball blocked by about six different hands and still manages to get the rebound and then put it back up there with his left hand while drawing the foul.


7:44, second half: Indiana 55, Michigan 42

Ok. Cheers for Ben Allen leaving the game/Mike White entering the game. Indiana appears to be holding on here without D.J. White.

As Marc pointed out, it’s a shabby Michigan team in many respects. The look nothing like a bunch of juniors and seniors. Also Marc, thanks for belittling the intern. It’s tough for me to do a sufficient job on my own.

Rod Wilmont’s adding an extra dimension to his game today, taking the ball toward the net. He’ll go to the line here after getting hacked on a pull-up jumper.


9:35, second half: Indiana 55, Michigan 40

Actually, I caught Matt posting on the “Men in Trees” fan message board before the game. I could only weep in shame.

Ben Allen got a rebound and the crowd went wild. Not exactly a Bronx cheer but definitely a sympathy cheer. They still have hope for the kid.


11:16, second half: Indiana 55, Michigan 37

D.J. White picked up his fourth foul at 12:22 and is out of the game. The Wolverines will really start attacking now. This is their best chance to make a run back into it.

Will Sampson risk playing Allen or will he go small and trying to race around Michigan?

And where’s Mike White today?


14:10, second half: Indiana 49, Michigan 31

That 10-4 run was sparked by a little craftiness from freshman guard Armon Bassett. He must have heard that Dollinger was ripping on him earlier in this blog, so now he’s straight up ballin’.

First, a little look left, pass right play to give Earl Calloway an easy fast break basket, and then a little sojourn into the top of the paint where a fake pass dropped one defender so Bassett could hit a jumper.

On another play he went to the lane, drawing help from the wing, and then kicked back out to wide open Lance Stemler, who’s got 11 points.

18:17, second half: Indiana 39, Michigan 27

Wilmont with a sweet tear-drop shot after coming through the lane. Don’t see that often from him.

A little off-topic: Football coach Terry Hoeppner is here making the rounds. He was just joking with Governor Mitch Daniels, who’s sitting with athletic director Rick Greenspan. Lots of power in this building today.


Indiana is living by the 3-pointer right now. Hit 8-of-14 in the first half. D.J. White has hit just 4-of-9 shots so far.


Half: Indiana 35, Michigan 26

Indiana had one last possession, and Armon Bassett drove and then kicked out to Shaw. He missed the 3-pointer.


3:23, first half: Indiana 29, Michigan 20

Nice little inside-out play there, with D.J. taking a nice feed from Ratliff and kicking it back out to Bassett for the 3.


7:54, first half: Indiana 20, Michigan 10

Little bit of a Ben Allen sighting here. He worked hard to get that little jumper down low and it clanked right off the front of the rim. His timing is just way off. He’s only taken that shot maybe five times in a game all year, and he’s just not very comfortable out there. I don’t know what type of lingering effects the mono might really be having, but I do know that he just a few stages behind in his development. That time he missed really cost him.


11:18, first half: Indiana 18, Michigan 8

The offense isn’t exactly rollicking. Errek Suhr is in the game, partially because there’s a good matchup on the floor for him and partially because Sampson just wants to see someone else starting the play for a few seconds.

Maybe Indiana is in fact falling into the habit of starting fast and then cooling. They scored 11 points in less than two minutes and have seven points over the next six minutes. Interesting.

Dollinger, if you make another Matlock reference you’re fired.


15:44, first half: Indiana 13, Michigan 6

We figured Michigan would try to get Indiana in foul trouble — as it did with Wisconsin’s Alando Tucker — but we figured the target would be D.J. White.

Instead, it is Lance Stemler who has picked up two quick fouls. He was replaced by Xavier Keeling who promptly, you guessed it, picked up a foul.


18:12, first half: Indiana 11, Michigan 0

Uh, I think the edge might be back. And with it came Lance Stemler’s shot. He’s hit two 3-pointers. Wilmont added another and D.J. hit a jumper over Sims.


I’m joined by my esteemed colleague Matt Dollinger on the blog today. Doug’s off wandering around chasing stories.


Starting for the Hoosiers, the regular crew: Calloway, Bassett, Wilmont, Stemler and D.J. White.


  1. This place gets pretty loud when the Hoosiers can’t miss. Has Stemler regained his shooting touch? Can the Hoosiers shoot 100 3s in one game? Next, on Matlock.

  2. You can’t fire me, Chris. My internship at the H-T is related to community service I was ordered to do from taking Michigan booster’s money.

    So far the Hoosiers have been money from downtown. Rod Wilmont, Lance Stemler and A.J. Ratliff have all connected.

  3. The point guard duo of Earl Calloway and Armon Bassett has struggled so far. Calloway is on the bench with three fouls and Bassett has made some plays that remind you he is just a freshman.

  4. This is a pretty bad Michigan team and we probably should be up by 20 or so by now. But I like the way Sampson rolls his eyes when his players make mistakes, like when Keeling had a turnover and a foul in his first 10 seconds of play.

    BTW, I don’t think Matt has ever seen Matlock. I thought his favorite program was Desperate Housewives.

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